The Victoria cricket team

Happens with many countries that have historically excelled in cricket, Australia also has its own first-class cricket franchises. You can bet now on on all the matches that take place in that part of the world. One of the teams who excels in first-class cricket in Australia is the Victoria cricket team.

This squad has a very long history. In fact, it was established in 1851. During recent decades, it has played in the Marsh Sheffield Shield first-class competition and the Marsh One Day Cup 50-over competition. Also, prior to its dissolution, the team also represented the State of Victoria in the Twenty20 local competition in the country.

The team is one of the most successful first-class cricket squads in Australia. By 2019, it had managed to obtain 32 Sheffield Shields. Also, they obtained multiple Big Bash tournaments and cups of different One Day International competitions played in the country. Currently, on 1xBet users can bet now on a wide variety of cricket matches, whether they take place in Australia.

Dominating Australian cricket since its beginnings

The Victoria cricket team has been successful right from its creation. It won most of the first editions of the Sheffield Shield when it was created. When visiting 1xBet – profitable cricket betting can be made on all these excellent cricket competitions.

The team developed an intense rivalry with the neighboring squad of New South Wales. They have constantly challenged each other during numerous tournaments celebrated in the second half of the 19th century and during all the 20th century. When wanting to make profitable cricket betting, certainly 1xBet is the best option to pick, as it features great odds and a wide variety of wagers.

Excellent players and lots of titles

Of course, it would have been impossible for the Victoria team to obtain all those titles if they didn’t have talented players. Some excellent names have passed through the ranks of this squad. Right now, you can bet live on 1xBet on all the other franchises that play domestic cricket across Australia. Some of the most illustrious names that have been part of this team include:

  • Bill Woodfull;
  • Keith Miller;
  • Bill Ponsford;
  • and Lindsay Hassett.

In fact, the excellent players and the lots of titles that Victoria has won in Australian cricket has resulted in an interesting consequence. Specifically, the Australian national teams have always had their fair share of players from Victoria on their rosters. Currently, on 1xBet you can make live bets on everything that happens in the Australian national side and in the domestic competitions of the country.

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