The Umoh Foundation – Assisting families in conflict through dispute resolution

The best method for resolving a family dispute is mediation. The evidence is in the facts, as every family court in the Philadelphia region has mandated mediation for both parties after filing a petition (with the exception of domestic violence cases). So why spend thousands of dollars on a court case if mediation is the end result anyways?

Through online mediation, The Umoh Foundation, a Pennsylvania-based organisation, helps parents find innovative solutions to custody and visitation issues.

 I.  About The Umoh Foundation and their working

The Umoh Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that uses licenced social workers to provide virtual therapy to Pennsylvania residents in need. In addition to providing virtual therapy, they study underserved populations in order to fight for their rights. Services for young and middle-aged adults from minority communities are the organization’s area of expertise. They believe that by addressing mental health in all facets of human life, we can build a more prosperous community and improve the environment in which we live.

That is why the Umoh Foundation seeks to assist families experiencing conflict by using dispute resolution and aspires others also to: Don’t go to court. Mediate! As a family and divorce mediation service in Philadelphia, they assist families in virtually resolving custody disputes through facilitated negotiations, or mediation.

So, parents can avoid the high costs of litigation by working with a neutral mediator who helps the parties develop a parenting plan that addresses a variety of issues, including custody, visitation, child support, and healthcare. The goal is for both parties to come to a decision that is in the child’s best interests.

II.  The Team of Umoh Foundation

EJ UMOH – Founder and Director of Operations

EJ Umoh is a trained mediator for divorce cases. As a participant in the ADR committee of the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Family Law Section, EJ has previous experience working for a Philadelphia-area divorce mediation firm. He has obtained his certificate in child welfare from the ‘University of Pittsburgh School’ of Social Work and his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Kutztown University. For his exceptional dedication to human service and legal scholarship, EJ has received the Cali Excellence for the Future Award in a number of legal fields and has also been named a New York Court of Appeals Pro Bono Legal Scholar (Negotiations, Trial Advocacy, and Legal Writing).

The popular EJ Umoh Book is “Aspirations: The Story Of How A Man Who Wanted To Change The Criminal Justice System Fell Victim To It”

OLIVIA MORANO – Director of Education

In Maryland’s Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Olivia Morano teaches students who are blind or visually impaired. Her undergraduate studies were completed at Kutztown University. She wants to make sure that every student is ready for the experiences they will have after she has left their classroom.

BIANCA MORALES, MSW – Director of Social Work

Bianca graduated from Carlow University with an MSW. She graduated from Lock Haven University with a bachelor’s degree in social work. Bianca, a native of Pennsylvania and a woman of colour, has dedicated her entire life to promoting equality in pay, access to health care for all, and other issues involving the intersection of race and gender.

CHEICK DIAWARA, MBA – Director of Marketing

Cheick Diawara graduated from Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio, with an MBA. He graduated from Lock Haven University with a bachelor’s degree. His commitment to human rights, business acumen, and prior work with nonprofits combine to make him a very valuable asset as the director of marketing.

NSIKAN UMOH – Director of Media Relations

Nsikan is the company’s founder and chief software engineer. His background in cybersecurity and information technology gives him a crucial role in a company that relies entirely on providing virtual services. He is in charge of IT issues, crowdfunding, and social media marketing. Nsikan is a student at Boston University currently.