The Ultimate Boho Wedding Guide with Tips

The most important thing for a bohemian person is nature, plants, sunlight, vintage, and colors. So, now is the time to brainstorm these concepts and put in tips that will help you make the ultimate dream boho wedding.

Before we go ahead you need to know some important keys. A bohemian-themed wedding or boho wedding breaks no boundaries, as seen by its freedom of expression and frugality. Simple, artsy, and adventurous touches reveal an eclectic mix of hippie, ethnic, and gypsy styles. Bohemian weddings are popular because many couples relate to the boho wedding’s unpretentious, anything-goes, DIY-filled vibe. It offers for several options to customize a wedding and, due to its frugality, it can accommodate even the lowest of wedding budgets.


Flower crowns are unmistakably associated with a boho wedding. Despite the fact that nothing shouts the 1970s like crystal hair accessories. To save money, use wildflowers in your hair, bridal bouquets, and centerpieces, and, of course, expect a floral explosion on your wedding cake. As the most unique table runners, adorn your tables with foliage and flower garlands!

Choose A Modern Yet Rustic Venue

The best option as we mentioned above is for the wedding to be in the outside area where it has a green area, a natural beauty. If having your bohemian wedding in a tranquil outside area in the countryside is too much of a problem, you may choose rustic settings with a modern appearance. Look for places that have elegant surroundings but still have a pleasant and comfortable environment. You may be searching for white linen curtains, parquet floor and redwood benches, bare brick walls, and ornate chandeliers.


A way to show your creativity is to have a colorful menu, such as serving macarons, different savory meals, and cheeses. The plates and forks can be colorful or you can just get some plastic plates for weddings since it will be a lot easier to make it affordable and pleasing look do not forget to decorate your tables with flowers or your chosen theme. As for drinks you need to work with your bartender according to your theme, you can choose just a color for your drinks, or just to serve on mason jars. Do not forget to have a list of what cocktails are you going to serve.

Be Bold And Out Of The Box

White weddings are pass√©. Choose a Lilliputian bridal gown or a unique crochet dress to show off your bohemian, hippy side. Who said brides have to wear lengthy white dresses on their wedding days? Show off your artistic side by integrating red and purple colors into this unusual design. Shoes are another factor to consider while planning wedding attire. Glittery heels and leathery shoes aren’t always required. Wear them if you have a wonderful pair of heels or shoes with flowery accents. It’s your wedding, so be as daring and creative as you can.

The Cake

In a bohemian wedding, the big cake is an important thing, it shows the creativity of the couple and not just the look it has to be delicious too. You can’t go wrong with a nude cake for a Boho-themed wedding. Reduce the amount of icing used and allow the cake’s inherent beauty to come through. Your unadorned, Bohemian wedding cake will exude a dreamlike elegance. Adding flowers to a boho wedding is never enough. Putting edible flowers on a plain white cake creates an uncomplicated yet eye-catching design that will impress your visitors. A wedding cake designer can assist you in being creative and ensuring that you have the perfect cake.


A singing guitarist might be an excellent complement to your bohemian wedding celebration. A skilled solo performer may create the appropriate atmosphere without being overpowering. The singing guitarist may even perform during your dinner or cocktail hour to provide the appropriate tone while enabling guests to interact and speak. Some solo musicians to consider for a Bohemian wedding are a harpist, ukulele players, or violinists.


As you already read the most important thing about organizing your wedding boho themed is to be yourself and go as simple. Do not put much pressure on this, put your unique ideas into the work. Do not forget the wedding is all about the creativity of the couple getting married, other people’s opinions on that day are not valid.