The Toshiba Air Fryer Microwave: Your Ultimate 8-in-1 Kitchen Appliance

Discover the Toshiba ML2-EC10SA(BS) Countertop Microwave, a versatile 8-in-1 kitchen appliance that combines a microwave, air fryer, convection oven, broiler, and more. With this multifunctional powerhouse, you can revolutionize your cooking experience and unlock a world of culinary possibilities.

Indulge in wholesome fried food without the guilt, thanks to the healthy air fryer microwave combo feature. Enjoy the original taste and texture of your favorite fried dishes with significantly less fat. The Toshiba Air Fryer Microwave lets you savor your meals while making healthier choices.

Despite its large capacity, this microwave boasts a small footprint, making it an essential kitchen appliance for any home. The 12.4-inch removable turntable accommodates a whole roasted chicken, a 12-inch pizza, or an 8×4-inch casserole dish. Prepare meals of various sizes without sacrificing valuable counter space.

The Toshiba Air Fryer Microwave combines style and functionality with its classic black stainless steel finishes. Not only does it look elegant in any kitchen, but its stainless steel interior is also easy to clean, ensuring a hassle-free maintenance experience.

Operating this appliance is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. Equipped with a bright and large LED digital display, easy-to-turn knobs, and a touch control panel, the Toshiba Air Fryer Microwave offers effortless navigation and precise control over your cooking settings. Say goodbye to complicated settings and hello to simplicity.

Enjoy the convenience of one-touch popcorn, a position memory turntable that remembers your preferred rotation, speedy cooking options, multistage cooking capabilities, a clock and kitchen timer, and a mute function for noise-free operation. The Toshiba Air Fryer Microwave is designed to make your life easier and your cooking experience more enjoyable.

With 1000 watts of microwave power and 10 power settings, the Toshiba Air Fryer Microwave ensures efficient and precise cooking results. Its external dimensions measure 20.520.012.8 inches (WDH), while the internal dimensions are 13.0713.79.53 inches (WDH). The microwave also features a Φ 12.4-inch position memory turntable for added convenience.

Please note that the internal dimensions are calculated by measuring the maximum width, depth, and height. The actual capacity for holding food may be slightly less than the calculated measurements.

In summary, the Toshiba Air Fryer Microwave is the ultimate kitchen appliance, offering eight functions in one sleek package. From microwaving to air frying, baking, broiling, and more, this appliance covers all your cooking needs. With its stylish appearance, easy operation, and convenient features, the Toshiba Air Fryer Microwave is a must-have for any modern kitchen. Upgrade your cooking game with the Toshiba Air Fryer Microwave and experience the versatility it brings to your culinary endeavors.