Anyone can have hair loss regardless of their gender and this can happen due to a variety of reasons.  Such as the result of medical treatment which is seen mostly in cancer patients, or due to genetic conditions. This mostly happens in males and is less likely to happen to females because of genes .Women of African descent are more likely to experience hair fall compared to other women this condition is called traction alopecia. The main reason behind this due to excessive heat and chemical products they use to maintain their hairstyles. Along with hairstyles such as braids and dreadlocks etc. Which pulls their hair root causing them to fall because of the tightness of the hairstyle. If you are a woman of African descent suffering from hair fall worry not we are here to help so keep on reading till the end.

Wig yes you read it correct .You must have heard this word at least once in your life .Now more than ever because it is so popular in today’s world compared to before and now you have so many choices from material styles and colors too much more. The most basic is the material they are either made from synthetic material or human hair 

Human hair wigs

Human hair wigs as you can tell from the name are made from real human hair which is mostly donated by the donors to make wigs. Since they are made from real human hair so they can be cut, colored, and styled exactly like your original hair.

Why buy human hair wigs

Why should I buy a human hair wig why not a synthetic wig. This is the question that will come into your mind and this is a genuine question? I will give you the answer. It is because human hair wigs even though are more expensive when compared with synthetic wigs but are also more long-lasting, more real, and style friendly. Synthetic wigs normally cannot be styled with hot styling tools as they will melt. Only heat-friendly synthetic wigs will not melt when styled with hot styling tools. Still, when compared to human hair wigs the effect is less. Human hair wigs are so much better they are a substitute for your natural hair. You can dye them, cut them or style them in any way your heart desires. Many stores sell human hair wigs online as well as offline and the delivery is also very quick. These human hair wigs come in a variety of styles and textures such as curly wigs, straight wigs, glue-less lace wigs, and many more.

Curly wigs

Curly wigs are one of a kind. Depending on their length they can be curly wigs as well as medium or short curly wigs. Not only do they come in different lengths they also come in a variety of colors. Such as black which is the basic go-to color along with brown light brown, caramel, and many more .You will get many options to choose from when it comes to colors. The curly wigs are unique because unlike wavy or other types of human hair wigs the curls are very tight which will create a volume and bounce.  

How to take care of curly wigs 

When it comes to curly wigs you need to take special care of them. If you do not give special care they will lose their tight curls and you do not want that do you?

1. Water temperature

When it comes to washing curly wigs the temperature of the water should be adjusted accordingly. The water cannot be cold otherwise the curly wig will become frizzy. It can be too hot otherwise the curls will become flat. The curly wig should be washed with lukewarm water to get the best results.

2. Styling the curly wigs 

When using hot tools for styling your curly wig s, keep in mind that the temperature should not be too high.  Even though they are not your natural hair still with a very high temperature the curly wig can still get burned as it is at the end made from human hair.

3. Brushing the curly wigs

It is best recommended to brush your curly wigs with a wide-tooth hairbrush to get rid of tangles you can use your fingers too.

4. Storing it properly 

When it comes to storing the curly wig it is better to put it on a wig stand which will maintain the style for a longer period.

Glueless lace wigs 

As the name suggests glueless lace wigs are wigs made from lace and you do not need any glue to install them. These wigs  are very beginner-friendly if you are new to the world of wigs and do not know how to handle glue .When installing a wig then glueless wigs are the perfect fit for you plus if you are allergic to glue or adhesives it is best to buy glueless lace wigs 

Advantages of buying glueless lace wigs 

Even though there are many advantages of buying a glueless lace wig I will list some of them.


One advantage is that it is very beginner-friendly no need to know a lot about wigs to install this one.

No damage to the scalp

Since no glue is needed to install glueless lace wigs this will save your scalp from getting damaged .As using glue too often to install the wigs can damage your real hairline as well affect the growth of your natural hair. So glueless lace wigs are the best solution for that.

Variety of styles to choose from

Since glueless lace wigs come in a variety of styles and colors. You will have a wide range to choose from and get a perfect flawless natural look without investing so much time.

After reading this article we wish that it will help in buying your wig .