The Role Of Astrology And Horoscopes In North Indian Religious Ceremonies

Using analysis and observation of the Sun, the stars, the Moon, and the planets, astrology is a form of prophecy that involves predicting earthly and human events. Devotees believe that one can forecast and control people’s fates by comprehending how the celestial bodies affect worldly affairs. 

In astrology, a horoscope is a diagram of the skies that depicts the Sun, planets, Moon, alignments, and midheaven and ascendant signs of the Sun sign at a particular period. A horoscope is used to forecast future occurrences and provide details about the present. In north Indian culture, people believe in astrology and consult astrologers before doing any auspicious activity or occasion. People use astrology to find the ideal time to perform the ceremony, puja, or havan. Astrology also helps predict the future and determine whether a particular person is a suitable partner. 

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North Indian Religious Ceremonies that Incorporate Horoscope and Astrology 

Horoscopes are a substantial part of North Indian religious rituals, whether small or big. They are used to match the horoscopes of prospective spouses, find the most auspicious time and date for significant events, and ensure a prosperous future.


In terms of the history and customs of Indian marriages, astrology plays a significant role. Astrologers use Vedic Astrology to generate birth charts(Janam Kundali). The astrologer who creates them can use them to obtain critical insight into a person’s personality, potential, and innate qualities. 

Indian astrologers consult the “Janam Kundali” of the prospective bride and groom before arranging a Hindu marital union to assess whether the individuals are compatible, evaluated by the personality qualities and trends described in those charts. 

The astrologer will ascertain the astrological positions of the Groom and the Bride and offer them a few options for suitable times and dates for their marriage based on the information they are given to give them the ideal start to their journey together. 

Housewarming Ceremonies- 

When someone moves into a new home for the first time, Griha Pravesh, a Hindu ritual, is performed. It involves holding a puja service on a fortunate muhurat. It brings wealth and happiness to enter the house at a suitable time. Ordinarily, the priest chooses the ideal dates and times for the housewarming ritual based on the astrological charts.

Naming Ceremonies- 

The letters of the sign that the Moon is in are used as the child’s name. Hence, naming a child in this manner results in advancement and prosperity. Or, you can select an alternative name using the astrologically appropriate initials. If the Namkaran ceremony is not performed within 12 days of a child’s birth, it should be performed on a favourable day and Nakshatra. Astrologers should select Nakshatra, Tithis, and Vaar for the ritual.


The Navgraha Homam is beneficial and advantageous because when it is performed, benefic planets are strengthened, and their positive effect is increased. In contrast, malefic planets are calmed, and their negative influence is neutralised. All horoscopes should do the Navagraha Homam. However, it is especially advised for those in which planets are in unfavourable or malefic positions. Navagraha Homam aims to ensure you constantly take full advantage of the planets. 

Religious Pujas – 

Based on the karma from a previous life and this life, a person’s Vedic astrology chart dictates which pujas and dates are appropriate for them. The placements of the planets at the moment of our birth signify the times when the consequences of our past deeds, whether positive or unpleasant, come to pass.


People in north India seek astrological help before every event in their life. People perform religious ceremonies according to the ideal date and time the astrologers deduced. It is believed that performing ceremonies according to the auspicious date and time bring good fortune and makes that event a success. 

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