The Perfect Video Maker for a Freelancer – Animaker App

Since the boom of social media, many businesses have turned to freelancers to make their presence felt on digital platforms.

Despite the increase in opportunities, freelancers have not been able to capitalize on it fully. The main reasons being

  1. Sudden Trends: Though trends are one of the best ways for businesses to increase brand awareness, the time period to make an impact is quite minimal. As a freelancer, trends can be hectic if you handle multiple clients because of the sudden workload. Due to the lack of time, you might have missed out on taking full advantage of it.
  2. WOW Factor: Customer Satisfaction has become harder to crack these days, especially for freelancers. Creating unique content consistently is a big challenge. Though templates are available online, most of them miss the “WOW” factor. This has led to freelancers spending more time customizing them to give them a unique look.

So, if you’re one such freelancer and you have faced these challenges, you don’t have to worry anymore. I have found the perfect solution for all your freelance needs.

Try the Animaker App!


It is an all-in-one video editor & maker that will help you breathe a sigh of relief!

Animaker App for iOS was recently launched from the house of Animaker (which has a huge 16 million+ user base). The goal of the app is to power users with professional editing features and help them create videos in seconds.

The UI of the app is designed to help even new video creators start their video making journey. It’s very simple and easy to use.

It gives you access to 1000+ studio-quality video templates that you can easily tap and customize in just 3 clicks.

All you have to do is 

. Tap to select the template that you like to edit.

. Swap and replace the content with your own.

. & Create your stunning videos in just seconds.

It’s that simple!

The app meets different user needs (including Freelancers). It even releases new templates each week. This is very handy for freelancers as you don’t have to search for new ideas and templates every week.

No more will your video content be boring and monotonous!

In case you would like to play around and edit further, the app also gives you gives to Advanced Editing features. These include

  • Smartmove animation
  • Enter Effect & Exit Effects
  • Text Animation 
  • 70k+ Props& Shapes
  • 30k+ music tracks

So, you have the luxury of professional editing tools at your fingertips and you don’t have to pay a penny to use them!

In fact, the app lets you download unlimited videos. And they are all watermark-free! 

So, freelancers can now spend less time stressing and more time relaxing because Animaker App is here to save you time!