The Perfect Statement Earrings

We’re always on the lookout for the perfect pair of earrings. Owning a pair of statement earrings is nothing less than an achievement. All women want “that” pair of earrings, one that zhuzh up an outfit and add glamour to your looks.

American diamonds are a synthetic form of diamonds that are created in a lab. They differ from real diamonds in only that aspect. American diamond jewellery is usually made by the same craftsmen who make real diamond jewellery. The machinery to make both is the same. The only difference here is, American diamond jewellery is a more affordable option compared to real diamonds.

American diamond earrings make the perfect statement piece. They look classy, elegant and will always make you shine (like a diamond). They are sparkly, and simply demand attention whenever they’re worn. They can be paired with any outfit, whether traditional or modern.

American diamond earrings are light and easy to wear. These earrings last long when cared for properly. To ensure your pair of American diamond earrings always shine, you should wash them in lukewarm water before you store them. Let them completely dry out before you store it and always store them inside a soft cloth.

All these and many more reasons make up why you must invest in a pair of American diamond earrings. They are a unique blend of royalty and modern trends, and we give you top picks of earrings that we think should definitely be a part of your collection:

Statement Danglers

Dangers are modern and chic, making them the perfect pair of statement earrings. These earrings add drama and glamour to every look they are paired with. Dangler earrings instantly catch attention and elevate a look. These types of earrings also draw attention to the neck and collarbones, making you look very sensual and classy at the same time.

If you’re someone who makes an entrance, these earrings are perfect for you. The best part of dangler earrings is that you can pear with an equally dramatic outfit and it won’t look out of place. You will be the crowning highlight of wherever and all eyes will definitely be on you!


Jhumka and American diamonds are a match made in royalty. They add a touch of elegance and look stunningly regal on the wearer. They are versatile in their make and are the perfect blend of fun and festivity. American diamond jhumkas infuse the traditional aspect of jhumkas with the contemporary twist of American diamonds.

American diamond jhumkas will make you stand out from the crowd. They are perfect for parties, weddings and festivals. You can pair them with your favourite saree or lehenga, and watch as everyone compliments you. These statement earrings are the perfect balance of modern and traditional, which we’re sure you are too!

Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings will always be in style, irrespective of the season. These are beautiful pieces, where the attention to detail is what makes it stand out in a crowd. Chandelier earrings are a stand-alone piece, and you don’t need any complimenting jewellery to make them work. These gorgeous earrings do all the work in ensuring your outfit is tied together and makes you look like one in a million.

American diamond chandelier earrings add a pop of “wow” to everything they are worn with. You can pair it with your favourite little black dress or a gorgeous saree. They really add glamour to your whole look and will make everyone lining up just to get a look at you!

Stud Earrings

Who said studs are simple and boring? We’re here to add the drama and charisma back to the pair of simple studs. Studs are a classic and will always be. They are perfect for everyday wear and for special occasions. American diamond stud earrings are timeless and have stood the test of time.

American diamond studs are elegant, yet have an edge to them. If you are someone who likes minimal jewellery, but definitely wants to make a statement, American diamond stud earrings are the way to go. They can be paired with any outfit, and are comfortable to wear. They sparkle, adding more to your sparkle.

Here you have it! These are top picks for a pair of statement earrings that really are a cut above the rest. You will dazzle in these earrings! You can check more of these gorgeous designs at Blingvine. 

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