The Necessity of Getting a Private Tutor in Singapore

Why is it necessary to get or hire a private tutor in Singapore? There are two basic reasons why parents do so. The first is for parents to address their children’s difficulties and concerns in specific school subjects that can lead (or in some cases, have already led) to failing grades. The second is to provide a strong foundation for specific subjects so children will excel in the future in these subjects. In most cases, the first reason is always the main case.

Whether we’re aware or not, the previous decade has shown that getting a private tutor in Singapore has become the norm in the country. This is because Singapore has placed a high value on academic achievement which is the cornerstone of its economic development. Thus, many parents will strive to provide the best resources needed for their children to reach full academic achievement, and this includes hiring private tuition, especially for children with faltering grades in certain subjects.

Private tutoring fills the gaps, addresses weaknesses, and helps build up strengths

All students have strengths and weaknesses, especially in the academic arena. Private tuition is the best way to address problems with a specific subject so the student doesn’t fall behind, or get failing grades. The most common problem with students is that they are strong in most subjects and average in a few, but there is always that one subject that stumps them. It is mostly mathematics, but it can also be science, economics, or even a mother tongue subject. A classroom teacher will never have the time for one-on-one work with any student to cover any ground said student is falling behind in.

A private tutor can provide that crash course needed to catch up, convert weaknesses into strengths in learning, and harness existing strengths to be able to push ahead in learning.

Maximising exam preparation

Singapore’s education programmes use exam-focused assessments, and this is where most students greatly struggle. In truth, exam performance is not just focused on knowledge or intelligence, but rather on the skill of studying and preparation in the most optimal manner. A private tutor can help any student develop this skill because they are intimately familiar with exam formats in the programmes.

  • The private tutor helps the student prepare for a specific exam format and the type of questions that are likely to be encountered.
  • The private tutor can help develop strategies for memorising details such as mathematical and chemical formulas.
  • The private tutor helps the student manage their time effectively for studying and completing sample exam papers.
  • The student can even be taught techniques for reducing anxieties that are major barriers to good performance.

Boosting your child’s performance through FamilyTutor

FamilyTutor, Singapore’s top private tuition agency, understands every parent’s – and student’s – struggles, with specific subjects. Though every parent understands that academic achievement is connected to the country’s economic progress, the education system is quite competitive and most students struggle uphill when it comes to academics.

We also understand that the words “best” or “top” can be easily thrown out there by any home tuition agency in Singapore for marketing purposes. Many agencies may claim that they have the “best” home tutor, but this may not be the “best” home tutor for your child and they both may not click well.

Years of experience in pairing tutors with students

FamilyTutor is a private home tuition agency with many years of experience in serving thousands of parents and students in Singapore. While we can claim to be a top or best agency, when it comes to pairing our tutors with your child, we prefer to use the word, “suitable.” We have an accurate and robust matching system that focuses on suitability assessment for tuition teachers and students. We also believe in fostering positive connections and relationships with our large pool of tutors with student matches so they also suit the parents.

When it comes to searching for a private tutor in Singapore, we have one of the best reviews for home and private tuition agencies in the country. In Google reviews alone, we are rated with 4.95 stars. We have been reviewed and recognised by credible media outlets like TheSmartLocal Singapore, and The Straits Times, and are a 2020 winner with the CorporateLiveWire Singapore Prestige Awards.

But really, don’t just take our word for it. For the best private tutor in Singapore, visit our official website, message us, or call us directly.