The most majestic Vietnam rice fields that you should not miss


One of the most outstanding beauties of Vietnam is the vast paddy fields and spectacular terraced rice fields along with the country, which bring about soothing moments in wide-open spaces and unwind your mind. Below is the list of the most exquisite Vietnam rice fields that you should pay a visit to.

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1 – Top 5 Vietnam rice fields: Hoang Su Phi rice terraces

Hoang Su Phi is a border district in Ha Giang Province, located at the foot of extraordinary Tay Con Linh mountain, famous for magnificent rice terraces, which stretch along 6 communes. The sceneries of winding terraces stretching along the hillsides create a poetic and eye-catching landscape, making this is one of the must-visited destinations on your trips in Vietnam.

Hoang Su Phi rice terraces are the best rice fields in Vietnam – Source: Internet

By the end of September and the beginning of October, the terraces boast breath-taking scenes of continuous yellow terraces. The fragrance of ripe rice plants in the wind combined with spectacular scenery will awaken your senses, which makes a profound impression on your mind on the trip to Ha Giang.

2 – Top 5 Vietnam rice fields: Mu Cang Chai rice terraces

Mu Cang Chai terraced rice fields are situated in Mu Cang Chai District, Yen Bai Province with an area of about 5,000ha, classified as a Special National Site and listed in the top 12 most enchanting rice terraces globally by Telegraph, a prestigious British newspaper. In the water-pouring season (May and June), this Vietnamese rice field boasts the pristine and rustic beauty of the brown soil combining with clear blue sky and white cloud mirroring on the water surface.

Mu Cang Chai rice terraces – Source: Hai Tran

At night, the fields appear more mysterious with the silvery moonlight covering the whole area, which is really romantic. In the harvest season (in September and October), this rice field in Vietnam looks like sparkling giant winding bright-yellow stairs, covering the whole hills, creating a magnificent picture in Autumn, which “steals” the hearts of many tourists.

3 – Tam Coc rice fields

Tam Coc rice fields – Source: Anh Vy

Tam Coc rice fields are the highlight on the route discovering Tam Coc (three caves), Vietnam’s second most stunning cave in Ninh Binh province. The fields lie along the Ngo Dong river, surrounded by majestic continuous ridges of limestone mountains. These Vietnamese rice paddies are the most gorgeous in the harvest season when the whole fields look like soft golden silk, mingling with the winding calm river, which creates an incredibly poetic and serene scenery. To admire the utmost beauty of Tam Coc fields, you should go up the mountain in Hang Ca, where you have a panoramic view to enjoy the whole area of paddy fields in sparkling yellow.

These rice fields in Vietnam have appeared in many famous magazines and news in the world as one of the most enchanting in Vietnam, which have become a tourist magnet both domestically and globally.

4 – Top 5 Vietnam rice fields: Y Ty rice terraces 

Y Ty rice terraces – Source: VnExpress

Y Ty, a highland commune of Bat Xat District, Lao Cai Province, is eminent with majestic mountains, and colorful terraced fields. The fields are situated on a rocky mountain at an altitude of approximately 2,000m above sea level. Every September, these rice fields in Vietnam are dyed in the yellow color, combined with the white sea of clouds floating in the blue sky, creating a picturesque scene.  The route to Y Ty is winding slopes and rugged terrains, which is suitable for those who desire to explore the awe-inspiring nature. Y Ty terraced fields were recognized as a National Heritage site by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2015.

5 – Top 5 Vietnam rice fields: Ta Pa paddy fields

Ta Pa paddy fields are located at the foot of Ta Pa mountain, in Nui To Commune, Tri Ton District, An Giang Province. This is considered as the most unique paddy field in Mekong Delta and the most prominent in An Giang, featuring colorful smaller paddy fields, which attracts a huge number of tourists year-round both in farming season and harvest season.

Ta Pa paddy fields – Source: Long Bún

The whole area is a combination of the light yellow rice plants which have just sprouted, the deep yellow of ripe rice plants, and the brown color of jagged stubble. At dawn, this Vietnamese rice field is charming and sparkling under the slight sunlight, which is perfect for you to take beautiful photos. Sunrise is the time Ta Pa seems to be the most romantic when the sun turns reddish, and the silhouette of Palmyrah reflects on the rice fields.

The best time to pay a visit to Ta Pa is from September to November, which is the harvest season so that you can admire the picturesque scene of the fields turning from green to yellow. From November, these Vietnam rice fields start a new season, so the whole paddy fields are covered with green color. At the same time, water from upstream of the Mekong Delta pours down and spreads into the molds, reflecting the blue sky.  It is advisable for you to visit Ta Pa pagoda near the top of the mountain, where you can enjoy soothing moments in the Buddhist pagoda and have a panoramic view of the whole paddy fields.

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If you are finding an off-the-beaten-path destination on the journey to Vietnam, the above-mentioned Vietnam rice fields must be taken into consideration, which promises to give you an amazing experience to immerse in the vast nature and refresh your mind.