The Italian coach with the most appropriate name

In Italy it is possible to find a former footballer now turned coach who probably has the most appropriate name for an Italian person. We are talking about Vincenzo Italiano, and yes, that’s his real surname. He was a midfielder that spent his entire career in different Italian teams. When going to 1xBet – new betting sites Pakistan features excellent wagering chances on all major football competitions in this country.

Italiano played professionally between 1994 and 2014. He was actually born in West Germany to Italian parents. However, his family soon moved back to Italy, and the former footballer began his life in that nation. This meant that Italiano never played professional football in Germany. The new 1xBet Pakistan betting site has opportunities to wager on German and Italian football and win. 

A versatile midfielder

Italiano was seen as a highly versatile midfielder since the beginning of his career. He was very good at interrupting opposing attacks, recovering the ball, and beginning attacks for his own squad. While waiting for the next matches of Italian football, you can try the 1xBet live casino for everyone out and enjoy its great selection of games.

All of this was helped by the excellent passing skills of the midfielder. Some of the squads where he played were:


  • Hellas Verona;
  • Chievo;
  • Genoa;
  • Padova;
  • and Perugia.

Italiano spent more than half of his career in Hellas Verona. He played 12 seasons on that squad. He played on this team in both the Serie A and Serie B. Before the next matchday of these two competitions, everyone can try the ​​1xBet live casino for all punters and football fans.

Becoming a coach

Italiano retired from professional football in 2014. He immediately started to work as an assistant coach in Venezia. The amazing app 1xBet for smartphone can be used for placing bets on this squad as well.

After coaching other squads in the third and fourth levels of Italian football, Italiano landed his first major job in Spezia in 2019. At the time, this squad was in the Serie B, and the coach helped them to achieve a historic promotion to the Serie A.

All of this meant that Vincenzo Italiano started to be considered by bigger Italian teams as a valid option for becoming their head coach. Eventually, Italiano’s incredible job at Spezia helped him to become the manager of none other than Fiorentina in 2021. This team is one of the most important football squads in Italy. The 1xBet app for smartphones and tablets can be used to wager on this team.