The Impact of Crazy Time Games on the Online Game Industry

The online gambling market has changed again. After the high popularity of slots and table games, more users have switched to games with live dealers. However, today the niche of new products is filled with live games, including Crazy Time.

This is a unique game that has many variations of winnings, additional rounds, and large rewards. The game itself takes place in live, which forces hundreds of players to simultaneously watch the developers’ streams and place their bets.

Such games are changing the general concept of gaming categories in the gambling industry. Many developers, watching the success of Crazy Time from Evolution, are trying to repeat it. And even though there are not many variations in this category of games yet, over time there may be a lot of high-quality and profitable streaming content for players.

Evolving Player Expectations

Live dealer games became a real breakthrough a few years ago. Users of online casinos liked the idea of ​​playing against real opponents and feeling like they were in a real casino, where people, not programs, are up against you.

But the Crazy Time game is a completely new level of industry development. Thanks to this game, users not only play with real people but see them. The symbiosis of the effect of full presence and the possibility of good earnings exceeded all user expectations. Thousands of players simultaneously watch streams, place their bets within the specified time corridor, and increase their income.

The popularity of the game is so high that no one has yet managed to come close to the capabilities of this game. Today, developers who want to create their games live, need to take care not only of the concept but also:

  • renting a studio for broadcasting;
  • purchasing servers for simultaneous access of a large number of users;
  • providing high-quality streaming for good pictures.

To achieve the performance of this game, developers need to invest significant funds, because such high-quality technologies cost a lot. But, as Crazy Time has shown, if you do it right, you can get a lot of regular players and such expenses pay off.

Influence on Live Casino Gaming

Crazy Time has had a huge impact on the development of real-time gambling. A huge number of users (without restrictions at the tables) can continue to play while watching the results of bets using a special stream.

With the help of live streaming, players will find out the results of their bets very quickly. They need to make decisions more quickly because unlike slots or table games, they have a certain time interval for actions. Therefore, before starting the game you need to think through all your actions in advance.

Such opportunities are extremely rare on the market. Crazy Time has no analogs. Yes, many games will provide similar functionality, but Crazy Time will surpass all of them either in the quality of information transfer or in terms of earning tools.

Therefore, many developers are actively exploring the possibilities of creating similar games, but few are willing to truly take a risk and make an equally incredible game. However, this must be done to meet the expectations of active and responsible users.

Modern Trends and Developments

The success of Crazy Time makes many developers try to create similar games. Therefore, the industry is actively moving towards the appearance of games on live broadcasts, which will bring good income to users.

This means that online casinos will purchase more servers so that they can provide uninterrupted access to ether for registered users. And the number of servers will grow according to the growth in the number of users. They will also have to update the software use new data encryption protocols and increase the number of visitors to the resource.

Additional games may appear, which may somewhat resemble the Crazy Time format. However, the developers will need to think about the right game concept with main and bonus rounds.


Today, Crazy Time has opened up many new opportunities for online casino users. Now you don’t need to launch slots, catch fruits or sevens, and even calculate the players’ actions. They only need to follow the live broadcast and place their bets.

Streaming will help develop gambling and over time, analogues of this game may appear. However, the pioneer in such areas is rarely forgotten.