The Gazette Office at Delhi for Publishing Official Records

The Gazette Office is a keystone in the busy metropolis of Delhi for publishing official records and notifications. This article explores the intricacies and importance of this institution. It focuses on its role when it comes to name changes, marriage notices, divorce notifications, or even child adoptions.

Location of the Gazette Office:

Understanding the address of the Gazette Office is important, even though it doesn’t directly interact with the public regarding name changes or other legal processes.

  • Department of Publication Vikas Bhawan II, ITO, Delhi 110002
  • Phone: 011-23812851
  • Website:

Gazette Name Changes and

In India, publishing a name-change advertisement in the Gazette is required for legal recognition. The Gazette Office does not handle the application itself. Here is the road map:

  1. Start the Process: Submit an affidavit to a notary, explaining your reasons for the change.
  2. Publication of the Advert: Place ads in two newspapers, one national and one regional (e.g. The Hindu, Hindustan Times).
  3. Submit proof: Send copies of the published ads to designated authorities (e.g. District Magistrate).
  4. Gazette Notice: The details are sent to the Gazette Office after approval. This completes the legal process.

Documents required for Gazette name change:

  • Name change ads published
  • Affidavit for name change
  • Photo ID Proof
  • Proof of Residence

Time Duration:

After approval, it takes about 2-3 weeks for the Gazette to be published.

Gazette After Marriage:

It’s not mandatory to publish a marriage announcement, but many do so for legal reasons or to increase awareness. Send a copy of the marriage certificate to the designated authority to be forwarded to the Gazette Office.

Documents required for gazette marriage announcement:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Both spouses must show photo ID
  • Both spouses must provide proof of residency

Gazette After Divorce:

Publication of divorce decrees is optional, but it can be used as a public announcement. Similar to marriage announcements, the process is very similar.

Documents required for gazette divorce announcement:

  • Certified copy of divorce decree
  • Both parties must show photo ID
  • Both parties must provide proof of residency

Gazette for Children :

The Gazette Office is crucial in publishing adoption announcements. You’ll have to send the relevant documents to your designated authority who will forward them to Gazette Office to be published.

Documents required for gazette adoption notice:

  • Adoption Order
  • Adoptive parents must show photo ID
  • Proof of Residence (Adoptive Parents)
  • Birth certificate of the child (if available).

Important Tips:

  • For specific legal guidance, consult an attorney.
  • Proofread your documents carefully to prevent errors.
  • Keep copies of all published documents and advertisements for future reference.

Additional Notes

  • The Gazette Office only publishes the notifications and does not process them.
  • Depending on your circumstances, you may need to follow different procedures or documents.
  • Consult the relevant government website or contact the designated authority to get the latest information and updates.

Understanding the role of the Gazette Office and following these guidelines will help you navigate through your legal transitions effectively in Delhi and ensure that proper documentation is provided for legal recognition. The Gazette Office is the last step of a legal procedure, not its beginning.