The entertaining Dhaka Premier Division Twenty20 Cricket League

The Dhaka Premier Division Twenty20 Cricket League, often referred to simply as the Dhaka Premier T20, is one of Bangladesh’s premier domestic cricket competitions. Everybody can enjoy 1xBet online betting, while also making wagers on the best cricket competitions from across the world.

The Dhaka Premier T20 League is part of the broader Dhaka Premier Division Cricket League, which includes both one-day and longer-format cricket. However, the T20 version stands out for 3 main factors, which include:

  • its fast-paced contests;
  • its thrilling games;
  • and its extraordinary players.

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A competition that attracts the best of the best

One of the key features of the Dhaka Premier T20 League is its ability to attract both local and international cricket stars. Renowned cricketers from around the world have participated in the league, adding to its global appeal. The presence of international players elevates the quality of cricket on display and provides fans with the opportunity to watch their idols in action. The line betting available on is for wagering on other T20 competitions too.

The format of the tournament follows a round-robin structure, where teams compete against each other in a league stage. The top-performing teams then advance to the knockout stages, which include the semi-finals and the grand final. This format ensures that each team gets a fair chance to showcase their skills and make a bid for the championship. Don’t forget to use the line betting available on the 1xBet platform to wager on who is likely to win this tournament.

Normally, a total of 12 teams participate in the tournament. They are divided into a total of 4 groups of 3 squads each. Each team plays on 2 occasions against the other 2 teams in their zone.

Highly successful teams

The Dhaka Premier T20 League serves as a crucial platform for young and emerging talents in Bangladesh to make a name for themselves. The platform 1xBet provides live betting on the best teams from the entire world too.

There are 2 squads that have enjoyed notable success at this competition. The 1st of them is Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club. While the other is Abahani Limited. Those 2 entities have won the competition on multiple occasions. Wagering on these 2 teams can be a great idea, and the 1xBet website provides live betting on both of them.