The Effective and Easy Ways to Remove Vocals in Wondershare UniConverter.


Before sending them out, do you modify and convert videos with a video converter? Do you utilize a vocals removal program to get rid of unwanted voices? Making karaoke versions of songs for your kids to sing along with could be your only goal. In case you said yes to both of these questions, then you’ve won the app jackpot with Wondershare UniConverter, which is both a video converter and a vocal remover, and which easily outperforms the popular program to remove vocals audacity.

What is Wondershare UniConverter?

Wondershare UniConverter is an all-inclusive audio/video editor that makes it easy to modify, merge, or compress audio/video files. More than that, the most recent version of Wondershare video converter, also known as UniConverter 14, includes some cutting-edge AI features like noise reduction, vocal eliminator, spectacular trim, and many more to help you with any other audio/video processing needs.

Since your profession requires you to edit various audio and video recordings, let’s say you’re looking for a way to streamline processes like silence removal in audio files. Therefore, the Wondershare UniConverter could be a valuable tool for you. Click here to download Wondershare Uniconverter.

Here we will examine UniConverter and demonstrate how to use it to silence specific voices in an audio file. The versatility and ease with which Wondershare UniConverter handles video and audio tasks—including removing agents from a song—is its most significant selling point.


Wondershare UniConverter intuitive design is a big selling point. Speaking of the most recent version, UniConverter 14, you will immediately notice the improved usability and responsive design. Exciting features and functionalities have undergone extensive refinements to make them more accessible and user-friendly. The clean layout makes it easy to go to the parts you need. The new edition also has many attractive assets to make movie editing fun and exciting.

The user interface includes a section called “My File Management,” which describes one of the updates. The program’s only function is to save modified video files to a specified location. After that, you can search for the converted or edited videos, delete them, or add them to a playlist. In addition, a variety of skins allow the UI to be customized to the user’s tastes.

The interface was designed with both experienced users and those new to the software in mind. In addition, the UI provides detailed instructions for whatever activity you select. Taken together, these features show that the newly revised interface of this Wondershare video converter is prepared to answer most questions and concerns about video and audio conversion.

Video Conversion Process

Here are the easy steps to compress your videos with Wondershare UniConverter.

Step 1: Activate the program’s compression capabilities.

Fire up Wondershare UniConverter on your computer, and select “Video Compressor” from the program’s main menu’s left-hand panel.

Step 2: add the video files that need to be reduced in size.

To add video files to be compressed, either click the plus symbol or the button. A whole directory can be added if that’s what’s needed.

Step 3: Choose the output settings, including file size.

You may select the compression quality and the desired file size using the slider. Selecting an export format is an additional option. Bitrate, video/audio encoder, resolution, and other settings are some of the advanced options in the preferences menu.

The compressed video can be previewed by clicking the Preview button.

Step 4: Compress the Video.

Select a folder on your computer’s desktop to save the file, and click the tab labeled “File Location.” Once you’re ready to begin processing the video, select the Compress button. The Finished tab in the program interface will display the compressed video files for verification.

Converting Videos Quickly and Accurately

The most recent release of UniConverter has a plethora of advanced video conversion options. The software claims to convert video files at a pace that is 50% faster while maintaining a noticeable quality. In addition, the submitted film can be accurately and precisely converted into over a thousand different file formats.

The program is future-proof because it can effortlessly convert 4K and 8K HDR HD footage. In addition, the software offers GPU acceleration for the entire process with a performance boost of up to 50 percent. The capability to convert multiple files at once into the format of your choice is known as “batch conversion.” This enhances your professional efficiency and saves a lot of crucial time

Other functions

Upgrades to interface interaction as well as its rules and best practices.

  • Quickly locate all exported files in My Files.
  • The innovative Vocal Remover is powered by AI and can remove vocals from any song.
  • Support added for lossless compression of audio files;
  • We can now have audio and video with virtually no ambient noise using cutting-edge AI technology.
  • Enhanced compression capabilities, including audio compression capability.
  • Improvements to GPU acceleration for batch processing of many files.
  • VP9, AV1, and HEVC (H.265) state-of-the-art encoders include MP4 support (CFHD), MOV (HEVC), MKV (AV1), and WebM (VP9/AV1).
  • Lossless export of WebM and MP4 files (alpha channel supported).
  • Smoothly playable on 4K and 8K video players.


UniConverter and vocal removal tools have opened up a world of possibilities for artists and audio enthusiasts alike. With the help of these AI-powered platforms, anyone can show off their ingenuity by extracting the music and lyrics from a given file. This allows them to make compelling and exciting music without wasting time or effort.

Music fans can flawlessly remix songs, instrumentals, and words using the suggested voice removers. Therefore, these high-quality vocal removers are accessible to people with less technological expertise, thanks to their intuitive designs.