The Complete Guide to Dispensing Drinks Using a Keg Pump

A keg pump is a machine that transfers beer or other liquids from a keg to a tap for distribution. Keg taps are essential to beer and other beverage dispensing systems.

Are you seeking a reliable and effective method of serving beer and other alcoholic beverages? Find out more about the various available pumps and how they can assist you in providing for your consumers.

System components for dispensing beer and other beverages must include keg pumps. They are used to pump beer and other drinks from a keg to a tap so that they can be served. They are commonly used in bars, restaurants, and other facilities selling beer and other beverages on tap because they are an effective and economical way to dispense drinks.


A keg pump comes in various styles and sizes, depending on the type of keg and the amount of beer or other beverage being dispensed. The two most popular types of pumps are air-driven and electric-driven. Large amounts of beer are often distributed using air-driven pumps powered by compressed air. Smaller kegs are frequently utilized with electric-driven pumps powered by electricity.


The main advantages of using a keg pump are its efficiency and cost-saving. A keg pump is made to be reused, which saves time and money. They are a fantastic alternative for any business that sells beer or other alcoholic beverages because they are also simple to install and maintain.

Beer is dispensed quickly and accurately with keg pumps, reducing waste and guaranteeing that consumers receive the necessary portions. The pump also has a brass body feature that enhances its durability despite its frequent use.

Selecting the Right Keg Pump

Before you choose the best keg pump, the type of beverage, the size of the keg, and the quantity of beer or other drinks should all be considered. It’s crucial to consider the environment the keg pump will be utilized, such as whether it will be indoors or outside. The cost of the keg pump should also be considered since some models may be quite costly.

Where to get a keg pump

Pumps are typically available for hire from beer wholesalers who sell kegs to the general public. If you want to use one frequently, consider getting your keg pump. Verify that the pump has the appropriate coupling. A D-System Sankey coupler is used with most domestic beers.

How to clean the pump

It would be best always to clean your keg pump after each use. To prevent bacteria growth, flush away any beer residue in line with water. Get a beer line cleaning kit with a Sankey flusher to thoroughly clean and sterilize the pump.


A keg pump is essential to beer and other beverage dispensing systems. They are a fantastic alternative for any business serving beer or other alcoholic drinks because they are practical, affordable, and simple to maintain.

The type of beverage being dispensed, the size of the keg, and the quantity of beer or other drinks should all be considered when selecting the best keg pump for your institution. You can ensure your customers receive their favorite beverages quickly and accurately using the appropriate keg pump. For more, check keg pump prices in Kenya.