The Cheapest Skins for the Knife CS: GO

Knife CS: GO is the object of wish for many community members and has a higher price than other designs. The players spend hours trying to get them by in-game case openings with the keys or finding profitable deals on various markets. So, those having such items are usually respected by the others noticing it in the match.

The designs for the knife CS:GO, regardless of their high value and rarity, can be affordable for most players. So, let’s discover what skin variations have a low price and determine the peculiarities of their patterns.

Knife Textures with Low Price

The 20 knives with different blades and handles replace the ordinary texture, make it look more enjoyable, and provide an alternative in-match inspection. And now, let’s define which are the cheapest:

Gut knife. Its blade’s back edge is hook-shaped and looks like a butcher’s instrument. The knife CS: GO has a large metal surface area, which gives it the largest skin area of the low-segment ones.

Flip knife. The blade is exceptionally sharp and longer than the handle, making the entire folding impossible. The flip knife was a default slot for terrorists in the CS: GO beta version.
Shadow Daggers. The only double-knife in the game that the player carries in both hands. They have an unusual handle – without a pad to protect hands from the blade.
Falchion. The structure is similar to a flip knife, but the blade is different – it has a rounded tip (there are 2 randomly selected options for its inspection during the match).
Navaja knife. It has a short blade (serrated on the trailing edge) attached to a glossy wooden handle.
Each listed texture for knife CS: GO has a lower price than the others but provides an exciting alternative view for a standard one.

Top 5 Cheap Knives 

Regardless of the low price, the skins are good-looking and loved by the community for their exceptional designs.

Shadow Daggers “Rust Coat”

With the Take a Trip to the Canals update, the skin was added to the game on March 15, 2017. The “Spectrum 1-2” case includes such a knife CS: GO. The blade is covered with gray-blue rust layers at minimum wear and brown-orange at the maximum. The price for the skin is $70-125.

Gut Knife “Damascus Steel” 

The Full Spectrum update introduced the skin on January 8, 2015, and the knife became available for dropping from all 3 “Chroma” cases. The blade is made of 2 types of steel and covered with a beautiful wavy dark and light gray pattern. The battle-scarred quality makes the design darker and leads to the appearance of a patina layer. The CS: GO markets usually set a low price of no more than $100-120.

Navaja “Crimson Web” (Battle-Scarred)

The knife CS: GO was added to the game on August 2, 2018, with a New Horizon update (can be dropped from the “Danger Zone” and “Horizon” cases). The bloody red coating of a blade decorated with the web pattern makes the design one of the most famous. The skin of battle-scarred quality costs $70-80 and looks exciting even in the maximum wear condition.

Falchion “Blue Steel” 

It’s a beautiful knife added on May 26, 2015, with the Bloodhound operation and is still available in the Falchion case. The blade is blued and is painted in light blue, purple, and green. Such a knife can be purchased for approximately $100-150.

Flip Knife “Scorched” 

It’s one of the oldest knives added to CS: GO on August 14, 2013, with the first game update, The Arms Deal. But it remains popular among the players that purchase it in different markets. It has a camouflage pattern of black, gray, and beige colors. The Flip Knife “Scorched” price is $100-120, depending on the wear.  Overall, there are cheap skins for the knife CS: GO that look exciting and can be afforded by many players. The only thing required is the wish to have stylish skin, so finances don’t play a crucial role in such a case.