The best web downloaders for Facebook Videos and Reels in 2023

Facebook Reels have become one of the most prominent content format trends on the popular social platform by META. Reels videos give people the opportunity to share good, creative and interesting short videos similar to TikTok. However, downloading Reels videos from Facebook directly is quite difficult and limited since it is not supported by Facebook on all videos. To solve this problem, we can use two extremely convenient web tools, SnapSave and Fsave, which help us very quickly download Reels videos from Facebook. Let’s explore how to use SnapSave and Fsave to enjoy your favourite Reels videos on your phone or personal device.

Why should a third-party website to download Facebook reels?

Third-party websites (meaning not officially related to META) such as Fsave and SnapSave are a very popular way to save contents from Facebook, be it videos, reels, stories or photos. There are countless websites providing similar services online if you have a quick search on Google. Most of them have the same functionalities with some providing mobile apps or providing ways to download private FB videos. Although this is not optimal (optimal is being able to download directly from FB), these web downloaders provide a lot of benefits that I want to go through here:

  • Reliability and efficiency

Both Fsave and SnapSave are highly rated for reliability and efficiency when downloading Facebook Reels. These tools have been developed to ensure fast and high-quality downloads.

  • Support for multiple platforms

Fsave and SnapSave both support multiple platforms, including mobile phones and computers. This allows you to access and use the tool on a variety of devices. Whether you use the Android or iOS operating systems or access them from a web browser, both Fsave and SnapSave are available to serve your needs.

  • Simple and easy to use

Both Fsave and SnapSave are designed with a simple and easy to use interface. Downloading videos from Facebook requires only a few simple steps. You can easily learn and use both Fsave and SnapSave.

  • Security and privacy

Both Fsave and SnapSave comply with user privacy and security regulations. These tools do not store personal information or use your private data. This ensures that downloading Facebook Reels through Fsave and SnapSave is done safely and securely.

First option: Fsave

SnapSave Browser

First, you just need to visit the FSave reels downloader by clicking here:

Step 1: Copy the link of the reels you want to download on Facebook.

Step 2: Open FSave and paste the link in the toolbox

Step 3: Choose the quality you want to download (up to 1080p) and click “Download” to save the reel video to your device.

Second option: SnapSave

First, you just need to visit the SnapSave website by accessing the link below

Step 1: Copy the link to the facebook reels you want to download

Step 2: Open SnapSave and paste the link you just copied into the toolbox.

Step 3: Choose the quality you want. You click the “Download” button to save the video from Facebook to your device.

In general, these two websites have similar interfaces and download quality so you only need to know how to use one to be able to use the other.

Can I download reels directly from Facebook ?

When downloading Reels on Facebook, you may encounter video quality limitations. This may include reduced picture quality, partial loss of audio, or even distorted video. Downloading Reels directly from Facebook can also be risky and unsafe besides you may violate Facebook’s policies and terms of use. Facebook reserves the right to control and limit the download and use of content on its platform. There are many inconveniences when it comes to downloading reels directly from Facebook.

Using a web downloader to download Facebook Reels will bring many benefits and a good experience that will save you much more time. You will have many choices, high reliability and efficiency, cross-platform support, a simple interface and a guarantee of the privacy of all users. Take advantage of both of these tools to download and enjoy your favourite Reels videos from Facebook.