The best season of Antonio Di Natale’s career

Antonio Di Natale is one of those Italian forwards who began showing the best football only after 30 years old. During his career, he never played in the grandees, having spent all the time in Empoli and Udinese. By the way, you can follow football scores today live scores with the participation of these teams on the sports statistics website.

The striker played 12 seasons at Udinese. Here, he spent his best years. As for the best period personally for him, this was the 2009/10 season. At that time, the striker hit the opponents’ goal 29 times. The whole team scored 54 times during the campaign. Thus, it can be said that the striker scored over 50% of the total number of goals of the team. This is the best proof of his importance for the team, whose football scores you can today watch live, since the scores are always available in full on the site.

As for Udinese, despite the fact that the team leader had an amazing season, the team finished on 15th position only. It’s clear that if not for Di Natale’s goals, the club would have left the elite division.

The status and significance of this striker is best supported by the fact that in the 2010s it was he who became the top scorer of Serie A. At the same time, at the beginning of the decade, the striker was already 33. He didn’t lose his best qualities over the years, which enables him to steadily demonstrate great football until being 38. It was at this age that the player ended his career.

Antonio Di Natale’s strong points

Di Natale is not tall – he is only 170 cm high. Indeed, he couldn’t play with his head as his trump card. However, he still scored some goals at the “second floor”. However, the Serie A results of his teams were usually thanks to the forward’s other strong points. For example:

  1. Excellent starting speed. This is a very important advantage, especially considering that the club often played in the counterattack. Di Natale simply ran away from the defenders and hit the opponents’ goal.
  2. Skills of playing with his body. Despite being quite low, the striker could hide the ball, find an advantageous position to strike. This often helped him achieve the required result.
  3. A good, skilled strike. Even long-distance shots often turned out to be effective for the striker.

Despite the fact that in the 2009/10 season the results of his team in Serie A were far from the best, the player then quite succeeded. It should be mentioned that that time the striker managed to win the competition from such younger and noticeable forwards like Eto’O or Milito. This demonstrates how important he was not only for Udinese but for Italian football in general as well, so his career can be considered a 100% success.