The Best News Aggregator Apps to Stay Informed

Keeping up with the endless stream of news and information online can feel overwhelming. Luckily, best news aggregator apps exist to help filter through the noise. News aggregators pull together articles from a wide range of publications so you can customize and curate feeds around your interests. Here are some top options for staying in the know.

Google News

Google News should be a go-to for those wanting a broad, general overview of top headlines. As one would expect from Google, the app aggregates articles from thousands of national and international media sources. Customization features allow you to:

  • Tailor your interests by topic, location, and publication.
  • Prioritize sources and subjects you care about. 
  • Quickly scan headlines or dive deeper into stories of interest.

The interface presents articles, videos, and other media in an easy-to-scan format. One especially helpful option is the “Full Coverage” feature that gives a broad perspective on trending issues or events.


For those desiring a more curated, magazine-style approach, Flipboard rises to the top. The app lets you select from pre-made news feeds or build your own based on topics, locations, or specific publications. Picking feeds related to your job, hobbies, hometown, or college team delivers a personalized news experience.

Flipboard’s layout pleases the eye while also promoting discoverability. Pages feature bold imagery and excerpts from articles. Options to share content or download stories for later make Flipboard a versatile aggregator.

Apple News

Apple device users gain instant access to Apple News. The pre-installed app allows you to:

  • Pick favorite topics and publications so Apple’s algorithm can suggest content.
  • Browse trending stories from major outlets and niche blogs alike.
  • Save articles or bookmark sections to revisit whenever interested.

For those invested in the Apple ecosystem, keeping Apple News in your back pocket makes sense. The intuitiveness expected from Apple shines through in the app’s navigation and menu options.


Lastly, Feedly soars when it comes to flexibility and customization around RSS feeds. The service compiles stories from a vast sphere of publications and topics into a fast, ad-free environment. Users can curate multiple feeds based on sites offering RSS functionality. 

Whether you want to closely follow niche blogs or stay wide across news categories, Feedly has you covered. The ability to organize feeds by topic and view corresponding images/headlines lets you browse efficiently. Feedly might have the steepest learning curve, but also the most potential for power users.

Hopefully this breakdown can point you towards the right news aggregator for your interests and style. With the variety of options now available, no reason exists to fall behind the curve! Find an app aligning with your preferences to stay informed without getting overwhelmed.