The Best Gifting Plants And What They Symbolize

Having flora around not only illuminates your life, but they bring a lot of positive vibes with them. That is why indoor plants have become extremely popular these days. Indoor plants are loaded with amazing features and specialties that are the perfect gift for every occasion. You can send a beautiful plant from an online plant nursery in Delhi to the one you care about easily along with fancy vases to enhance the beauty of your selected plant. 

Not a lot of people are aware of it, but indoor plants actually hold a very important place in Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of living. The art precisely talks about how different things have different symbolic meanings and energy and how that energy impacts your life. Feng Shui says that everything, be it living or non-living, has its own chi or energy and its presence affects your all-over aura. Therefore, it is essential to understand the true meaning behind a plant and what kind of energy it holds before you make your decision. Gift your near and dear ones the perfect little plant with a little help from our end. So for you, here is a list of all amazing indoor plants and what they symbolize, just read along and take your pick.

Lucky Bamboo

As the name suggests, the plant is symbolic of luck. The interesting fact that people do not know is that the symbolism of these fascinating plants depends on the number of stalks or layers this plant has. One layered bamboo represents commitment, while two-layered bamboo brings luck into your love life. A nine-layered bamboo is believed to be the luckiest one as it is said that it stands for love, fortune, fame, health, and wealth. This easy-to-grow plant is one of those few species that can be grown in both water and soil.  Everything you will need to know about Buy rare plants online.

Golden Pathos

Golden Pathos is famous for its attractive neon color and its heart-shaped leaves. This plant grows as ivy as well as normal plant, hence they are often grown in hanging pots. This pretty plant symbolizes longevity and long-term success. If you have a friend who dreams of making it big, then this plant is the perfect gift for him and her. Because of what it stands for, it is an amazing way of wishing them a good look while showing them that you believe in them.

Succulent Plants

Have a friend whom you love but they are kind of lazy? Don’t worry there is a type of enchanting indoor plant that specifically symbolizes loyalty and friendship, and also they do not require much looking after. Known as succulent plants, these plant types are a delight to look at and are known as “drought resistance”. This plant has very thick leaves where they store the water, so one has to water them once a week. Looks like you found the perfect gift for that cute lazy buddy of yours, right?

Peace Lily

Again the name says it all about this mesmerizing plant. Peace lily symbolized, innocence, care, and peace! The beautiful white flowers of this plant clearly denote peace. If you wish to rekindle a bond with someone or make it up to the one you had spite with, then peace lily is the plant you should go for. Another reason why you should get this plant for your friends and family is, this is one of the natural air purifying plants. 

Carnation Plant

Need a plant for the matter of the heart? Then go for the Carnation plant directly! The meaning of the carnation plant changes according to the color of its flowers, red flowers mean passionate love, pink flowers mean innocent love, purple flowers mean gratitude, and so on. However, before choosing the plant, make sure that the person you are gifting it to is ready for the responsibility as carnation is not an easy plant to look after, this plant requires a lot of looking after. 

Moon Cactus

Moon Cactus is believed to represent strength and maternal love. This plant is one of the hardiest indoor plants ever and can survive the most difficult situations, just like a mother’s love. And because of the above-mentioned quality, it is a perfect gift for those whom you admire for their strength and love them unconditionally.