The Best Free Tools for Amazon Keyword Research

Your sales on Amazon are highly dependent on searches by customers, and thus, most of it begins with choosing the right keyword. But rather than using any keyword that comes to your mind, you should take a completely data-driven strategy that will certainly fit with Amazon’s A9 algorithm for searches.

Check out our list of the top 5 best Amazon keyword tools free for Amazon sellers. Below, we are going to present you 5 great Amazon keyword tools free that you must try when you get started with Amazon keyword research:

Why Should You Use An Amazon Keyword Research Tool?

Using the most appropriate keyword is extremely essential for two causes. The right keyword optimizes the Amazon product listing for search engines. Your Amazon product gets properly indexed for the use of the right keywords.

Depending on the keywords and also the backend search terms, your product listing will get shown for a search using particular keywords.

Product sales on Amazon can be significantly improved by proper keyword Research Optimisation. Many sellers decide to quit Amazon for the reason that they go through a huge loss at the beginning of their journey, thus, they have no bravery to carry on the business. This happens due to the lack of using the right keyword.

The solution is to use the Amazon Keyword research tool. If you are a beginner then you can even choose to use Amazon Keyword Tools Free. Amazon Keyword tools free will help you find the most suitable keywords for the product listing and will help you increase your sales without costing you extra money.

How To Perform Amazon Keyword Research For Free?

It is quite easy to perform Amazon keyword research for free by using any free Amazon Keyword Research tool. Just enter an affiliated keyword for the Amazon product in the tool.

You will get a massive list of keyword recommendations for your Amazon product that are mostly Auto suggested by Amazon and/or trending depending on the keyword search volume, number of indexed products, CPC, trending months, and competition intensity.

Top 5 Best Amazon Keyword Tools Free

The Amazon Keyword Tools free are free Amazon keyword tools for keyword research that truly enhances the procedure of finding the most suited keywords for your product listing – on Amazon and it saves you time for Keyword optimization. So, here is a list of the top 5 best Amazon Keyword tools free that you can use for free in 2023:

Google Keyword Planner

It is hard to beat Google’s simplicity and depth, especially as soon as it comes to its Keyword Planner. You only have to type in any keyword and then Google will reply with its rough level of competition, overall monthly searches, and also top-of-page recommendations (both high and low range).

You can widen your search using the related keywords that the tool suggests, grow related keywords, get historical forecasts and metrics, and use tips given by Google for further ideas.

It is a free keyword research tool, but keep in mind that you are matching keywords for Amazon’s A9 algorithm, not Google’s.

Google Search Console

This tool provides a lot of data regarding your website’s organic performance and it is very useful for keyword research as well, just possibly not in the manner you would expect it to work.

The Search Console tool will only supply terms that you are presently ranking for, thus, in case you are searching for researching potential unique keywords, then you may need some other tool.

However, knowing what phrases individuals are utilizing to find your product can help better optimize and grow on what is already there.

Google Trends by Google

Several products are impacted by the seasons, such as jackets and shorts. Google Trends tool shows you the frequency of keyword searches through Google search.

It even reveals how your search volumes per month change with time. Knowing monthly search trends ensures you have the right keyword for your products at present.

Sales trends on Amazon vary depending on your location. This tool shows you the search volume per major city and state. It can assist you with deciding where to target your advertisements.

G-Trendalyser Tool

In case you are searching for a keyword research tool at the trend level, then G-Trendalyser is among the most useful tool for you to begin with.

This free keyword research tool is excellent for knowing more about appearing rising trends and is a fantastic start in case you are planning to target more topical and trendy keywords for increasing traffic potential on your Amazon products.

However, it is not solely meant for Amazon keyword research, thus, even after it is a free tool to research keywords, it may or may not provide you with accurate data as per Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

Moz Keyword Explorer Tool

It comes as no surprise that Moz, a superb tool for all things related to SEO, also provides an excellent keyword research tool.

There are the usual features like keyword search volume and the capacity to create and preserve keyword lists, but that’s not all.

The use of long-tail keywords in the form of questions, the optimization of your keywords for global audiences, and sophisticated competitive keyword analytics are all options. These are just a few of the capabilities that Moz Keyword Explorer offers.

Although it’s probably not a deal-breaker in and of itself, you’ll need to create an account to utilize the tool.


Although these above-mentioned Amazon Keyword tools are free these can’t be counted as the best ones available in the market at present. There are many keyword research tools out there that are specially designed for Amazon keyword research.

And those special Amazon keyword research tools are mostly paid ones. But the fact is you will be paying money to earn more money in the future. That is why, experts recommend using paid keyword research tool over a free keyword research tool.

Hope you understood what we are saying. If you are a beginner then you use these free tools to understand the keyword research process, but to earn money, you should use a paid one.