The 8 best AI photo editors to upsacle image easily 2024

The quest for perfection is unending. We constantly seek tools that not only enhance the quality of our images but also do so with ease and precision. AI photo editors have emerged as the frontrunners in this quest, offering powerful capabilities to upscale and improve our photographs.

Imagine transforming a pixelated, low-resolution image into a crisp, high-definition masterpiece with just a few clicks. The advancements in 2024 have made this not just possible but also incredibly simple.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the 8 best AI photo editor that stand out for their ability to upscale images effortlessly, ensuring that your photos are nothing short of spectacular.

Top 1: HitPaw Photo AI – Top Choice for Powerful and Natural Enhance

HitPaw Photo AI emerges as a powerhouse of AI photo editors, making it a top choice for those seeking a blend of power and ease.

This tool stands out for its ability to naturally and effectively enhance images, ensuring that the quality of your photos is significantly improved without compromising their original essence.


  • AI-driven upscaling up to 8 times
  • Automated enhancements, super easy to use
  • Strong handling of details
  • Supports various formats and batch processing
  • All-in-one AI photo editor with additional functions


  • Free version limitations

Top 2: Photoshop Generative Fill – Best for Professional Editors

For professionals who demand precision and flexibility, Photoshop Generative Fill stands as an unmatched tool.

Embedded within the Adobe ecosystem, it leverages the power of AI to provide high-quality image upscaling and a plethora of customization options.


  • High-quality in image upscaling
  • Plenty of customization choices


  • Requires certain editing skills, not suitable for beginners
  • Bounded with Photoshop, unable to buy this feature separately

Top 3: BeFunky – Best for Various Enhance Model and Filters

BeFunky shines as a user-friendly option, packed with a broad selection of AI-enhanced effects and filters.

It’s designed to cater to beginners, offering an intuitive interface and easy sharing options for social media.


  • A broad selection of AI-enhanced effects and filters
  • User-friendly for beginners
  • Easy to share to social media for images


  • Quality needs to be improved in some areas
  • Some filters can cause distortion

Top 4: PicsArt – Best for Online Photo Editor

When it comes to online photo editing, PicsArt stands out with its robust suite of tools and vibrant community.

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It’s a platform where creativity meets innovation. With PicsArt, users can effortlessly enhance their images, tapping into an array of editing options that cater to every need.


  • Offers a variety of photo editing tools, ensuring every aspect of your image can be tweaked to perfection.
  • Hosts a community feature where users can share their art and images, fostering a space for inspiration and feedback.
  • AI-powered photo enhancer for improving image quality and resolution, making it a breeze to give your photos a professional touch.


  • Some users report slow speed in upload and processing, which can be a hiccup in a fast-paced editing workflow.

PicsArt makes photo editing accessible to everyone, from beginners to seasoned professionals, by providing tools that are easy to navigate yet powerful in execution.

Top 5: Topaz Photo AI – Best for Noise Reduction

Topaz Photo AI has earned its stripes as the best AI photo editor for noise reduction, delivering unmatched quality in purifying your images. It’s a game-changer for photographers looking to salvage or enhance shots taken in less-than-ideal conditions.


  • Exceptional quality for noise reduction, making it possible to clean up images without sacrificing detail.
  • Supports a wide variety of formats, ensuring compatibility with a range of photography workflows.
  • Lifetime license availability, providing long-term value for a one-time purchase.


  • The absence of a subscription option might deter those who prefer ongoing updates without upfront costs.
  • Its advanced features may appear daunting for beginners, requiring a learning curve to fully harness its capabilities.

Topaz Photo AI is the go-to tool for photographers who prioritize clarity and detail, offering a powerful solution to common imaging challenges.

Top 6: Luminar Neo – Best for Multiform Presets

Luminar Neo excels as a best AI photo editor with its wide array of multiform presets, making it a versatile tool for creative expression. Its sleek interface and integration capabilities make it a favorite among photographers and designers alike.


  • Can be used as a plugin for Adobe, enhancing the functionality of already powerful editing software.
  • Offers a rich source of multiform presets, allowing for quick and diverse image transformations.
  • Good looking interface that is both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the user experience.


  • Some users find the color enhancement for faces to be unnatural, suggesting a need for refinement in its AI algorithms.

Luminar Neo brings a fresh perspective to AI photo editing, combining ease of use with a depth of creative options to explore.

Top 7: – Best for Automatic Enhancement

Diving into the world of automatic photo enhancement, shines brightly. This platform takes the cake for its ability to significantly improve photo quality with minimal user intervention, making it a favorite among those who prefer efficiency without sacrificing quality.


  • Automatic enhancements that breathe life into images with just a few clicks.
  • Versatile toolset, including upscaling, noise reduction, sharpening, and more, tailored to your needs.
  • Batch processing capability, allowing up to 50 images to be enhanced at once, saving valuable time.
  • High-resolution output with the ability to upscale images up to 300 megapixels.


  • May require a subscription for access to the most advanced features, which could be a drawback for casual users.’s robust AI algorithms make it a powerhouse for transforming images into high-quality visuals effortlessly, appealing to both professionals and hobbyists alike.

Top 8: Fotor – Best for Use on Phone

In the mobile era, Fotor stands out as the go-to AI photo editor for smartphone users. Its seamless interface and powerful AI-driven tools make photo enhancement a breeze, directly from your phone.


  • User-friendly interface designed for mobile use, making it accessible for everyone.
  • AI-driven enhancements that improve image quality, resolution, and clarity with a single tap.
  • Versatile editing tools for a comprehensive editing experience, including filters, effects, and text options.
  • Free to use with an option for high-quality downloads, ideal for on-the-go edits.


  • Advanced features may require a premium subscription, limiting access to some of its best tools for free users.
  • Some users might find the app’s performance dependent on the phone’s capabilities.

Fotor’s commitment to making professional-grade photo editing accessible on mobile devices sets it apart, ensuring that high-quality images are just a tap away, no matter where you are.


Remember, the best AI photo editor for you is the one that fits seamlessly into your workflow, meets your quality standards, and inspires your creativity. As we move forward, these AI tools will continue to evolve, breaking new ground in image enhancement and redefining what’s possible in digital photography. The future is bright, and it’s pixel-perfect!