Successful and qualified treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction

There is a saying, “Addiction is not an individual disease, one person may use, but the whole family suffers”. Addiction can be of any sort, such as taking drugs, drinking alcohol or any kind of activity like gambling etc. Drug addiction is the abuse of substances like heroin, cocaine, marijuana, opioids etc. Addiction to anything that leads to psychological and physical harm is in dire need of help. To learn more about rehab centre be sure to check out The Hader Clinic.

Alcoholism is the addiction to alcohol of any sort. The excess use of alcohol harms not just physical health but mental health as well. Beverages containing a high amount of alcohol can cause psychological effects. When used regularly, these drinks cause more serious issues like organ damage, mental illness, tremors, delusions, emotional disturbance, violence, etc., the addicted person detaches from their family, and their relationship worsens with the people surrounding them. These addictions must be treated as soon as possible to save the person from a fatal fate. Rehabilitation centres Реабилитационный центр are the best place for addiction treatment. you can visit this Website.

Rehabilitation centres

 Rehabilitation centres have the best teams of psychologists, narcologists and addiction consultants. The objective of this rehabilitation is to establish a quality of life. Also, to lessen the burden on the family of the addicted person. Rehabilitation centres help patients not just to get rid of their addiction and push them towards their best selves. There are many sorts of programs just for these matters.

Central Texas is known for its remarkable success in providing effective and qualified treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. In the heart of this region lies Last Resort Recovery, an addiction treatment center in Austin that has garnered recognition for its exceptional programs and dedicated staff. With a focus on individualized care and evidence-based practices, Last Resort Recovery stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking lasting recovery. If you or a loved one are in need of professional help for alcoholism or drug addiction in Central Texas, consider exploring the services offered at Last Resort Recovery’s Austin center.

12 steps program

 12 step program is a universal model for overcoming addiction. Patients themselves make the Minnesota model. The program entails conversations, training, discussions, and individual consultations.

Principles of the model:

  1. Alcohol addiction is a long-lasting disease that causes spiritual factors, and its development is not the patient’s fault.
  2. Alcohol addiction is the same as other addictions in nature, which manifest internal spiritual vices.
  3. The disease of addiction is not curable, but if a person desires to turn away from their addiction, the journey to recovery is possible.
  4. Minnesota model encourages drug-free treatment, preventing the development of any other chemical addiction.
  5. A rehabilitation centre is a patient-friendly community that supports and motivates patients to recover.
  6. Communication is important, especially open communication. Confidentiality and anonymity are necessary, and patients’ personality reshaping is stimulated.
  7. A consensual process of sobriety and personality transformation without any religious imposition.
  8. The recovery is the patient’s responsibility.  
  9. The consultant has gone through the “12-step” program and is an exemplary entity for the patient to motivate them into recovery.
  10. Participation in the rehabilitation process of the patient’s family members is desirable.
  11. The program has a unique philosophy of clearly understanding the nature of addiction, the recovery process, and a healthy lifestyle.  
  12. Minnesota model is for the program for inpatient treatment, from 28 days stay in the clinic.


It is undoubtedly a hard task to make an addict quit and go through the rehab process of rehab, but it is not impossible. All they need is some support.