Styling Your Short Skirt? Keep These 6 Things in Mind 

Short skirts will look good with all types of tops and t-shirts. They come in various styles, colors, designs, and patterns. Besides that, they are also available in various sizes.

Wearing a short skirt is ideal during the summertime as you will not just get the chance to flaunt your legs. But you will also feel comfortable during this hot season.

But some people might feel weary when wearing a short or mini skirt. They opt for different clothing that will keep them cool and comfortable during the summer.

Whether or not you wear short skirts or not, there are some do’s and don’ts about them that you should know. They are:

The DOs

This section contains all the “DOs” wearing short skirts.

1.  Make Sure to Tend Your Legs

When you want to wear short skirts, always keep your legs waxed. Even when they are completely waxed, ensure they’re not flaky. Try combining the body lotion with bronzer and then apply it on the legs, which will offer a natural sheen. You need to take good care of the legs because they will be your daily asset.

2. Take Care of the Slits and Proportions

If you have a slit in the skirt, you just have to ensure it’s not that high. It’s simply because it will surely save you from an embarrassing situation. So, before you wear the skirt, check the slits.

3.  Remember the Event or Occasion Well

When you’re wearing a skirt for a business meeting or a formal event, it will be much better to pair the skirt up with leggings or tights. It will make you look great and protect your legs from getting bruised or scratched if you accidentally bump into something.


Now, let’s take a look at some of the “DON’TS” wearing short skirts;

1.  Don’t Wear an Over-Exposed or Tight Top

Wearing a short or mini skirt will bring a lot of attention to your legs. Due to such reasons, wearing a languid shirt or boxy top with a skirt will be an excellent idea. Just allow your legs to do all the talking. Don’t wear tank or halter tops with the skirt, and it’s because too much exposure can make you appear tacky.

2.  Do Not Forget about the Correct Length

The right and best length of the skirt will depend heavily on your weight and body type. That’s why you must pick a length that makes you comfortable. If you’re an individual with heavy derriere, you should go for a longer length.

3.  Remember to Layer

A kimono or a jacket will not just enhance your appearance but also make you feel a high level of comfort. You will surely make all the heads turn when you wear it at a formal or a casual event. Remember, layers are one of the best accessories when you have decided to wear short skirts.

The Takeaway

Short skirts come in many sizes and are also made of various materials. They are worn by females across the globe, including supermodels and celebrities. Before wearing these skirts, check out the “DOs” and “DON’TS” on them that are mentioned in this post. It will give you an idea of how to wear these skirts properly.