Strifor Broker: what should be done if there is no connection to the server

High-speed connection to the server and the availability of stable Internet are important factors on which the successful work of traders depends. But what should be done if there are connection problems right during trading? Using the example of Strifor Broker, we will tell you what types of servers exist and how you can independently and quickly fix problems with connecting to the server.

It is worth reminding that Strifor Broker offers its clients a wide range of trading instruments: cryptocurrencies, Forex indices, stocks, metals, currency pairs. The service has flexible terms of cooperation: 4 account types are available, one of which is Islamic. And to become a broker’s client, it is not necessary to immediately deposit a large amount of money: there is no minimum entry threshold on the Basic trading account – you can deposit both $ 500 and $1000, immediately after that you can start trading. Detailed information about trading conditions and bonuses for clients is provided on the official website of the platform

The customers also notice that Strifor always pays, and withdrawal is performed within 24 hours.

What is the importance of the server for traders?

The server is software that ensures the execution of orders and the receipt of quotations. Certainly, it is almost impossible to trade without a reliable server.
The unit of measurement for the server connection speed is the millisecond (ms). And the higher this indicator is, the faster all operations are performed. For example, as for Strifor broker, the connection speed varies between 100-250 ms, which depends on the user’s Internet speed and geographical location.
In addition, Strifor’s technical specialists constantly carry out measures to improve the quality of work. For example, on February 29, 2024, the host servers for the MetaTrader 5 Live platform were restarted, their optimization was carried out, which made it possible to make the operation even more stable.

Types of servers

There are several types:

●    Cloudy. They are entire server farms that are managed by providers. Their advantage is high performance, flexibility and scalability. Such servers are actively used for data analysis and investment management.
●    Virtual dedicated servers. These are compact servers that operate on the basis of virtualization. They are ideal for traders, as they provide a stable Internet connection speed and support the efficient operation of trading systems.
●    Dedicated servers. These are separate, physical dedicated servers that are used for the work of only one user. Their key advantages are ensuring maximum performance, a high level of security, as well as stable operation of the trading platform.

How to solve problems with the server connection

Depending on the reason for the loss of connection to the server, Strifor’s experts recommend:
●    If there is no connection, first of all you should check the Internet connection. It is quite possible that access to the network has simply disappeared. Strifor’s clients trade through the multilingual MetaTrader 5 platform, so a message about the lack of communication with the server will be displayed in the lower right corner of the program.
●    Check the security settings. It is possible that new programs, in particular, antivirus and Windows firewall, block the connection to the server. In this case, you should manually release a lock in the security settings.
●    Establish a direct connection to the server. It is impossible to perform this procedure on your own, so you will need to contact Strifor support service.
In case there is a connection, but it is not possible to close the order, it is necessary to:
●    Select another server.
●    Contact the customer support service.
The success of a trader largely depends on a stable connection to the server, so Strifor’s specialists recommend contacting the support service immediately if any problems are identified. After all, a broker as much as a trader is interested in ensuring a stable connection to the server, so the platform’s specialists try to help the clients solve their problems as soon as possible.