Specifications of cricket stumps

Probably one of the most characteristic aspects of cricket as a sport are the stumps. Many things can happen with the stumps during a game, and they can be wagered on at the in.1xbet.com online bookmaker.

In basic terms, the stumps are simply three wooden posts that are components of the wicket. Curiously, in cricket terminology, the concept of “calling stumps” indicates when a referee terminates a game for a day. This is mostly seen in Test games, as they are played across many days. Those who want to wager on Test matches can do so by going to the 1xBet betting platform.

The three individual stumps

According to the laws of cricket, both sides of the cricket pitch must have three stumps each. Their primary purpose is to hold the bails in place. The three stumps are completely identical. They have one pointed end which is used to stick them to the ground. The opposite tip has an U-shaped depression where the bails are put. People can visit the website 1xBet – place cricket bet online on the likelihood of the bails falling from the stumps.

Each of the stumps have names of their own, which are assigned according to the strong arm of the batsman. Specifically, they are called:

  • the Off-stump, which is the stump located on the same side as the bat held by the batsman;
  • the middle stump, which is pretty self-explanatory;
  • and there is also the leg stump, which is located on the leg side of the wicket, which is the opposite to where the bat is located.

Punters can visit 1xBet and place an online cricket bet on the best batsmen that play this sport. Of course, the off-stumps and the leg stumps swap denominations if a batsman with a different strong arm comes.

Modern aspects introduced to the stumps

Cricket has evolved a lot, and as such, there are other aspects that have been introduced to the stumps. For example, in professional matches, it is normal to see sponsors being put in the stumps. But that’s not all, because thanks to the miniaturization of cameras, now it is even possible to put them inside the stumps themselves. The 1xBet live cricket scores are the best source of information for placing wagers while following the best cricket games around the world.

Those cameras give a unique perspective about what is happening in cricket matches. Basically, spectators can observe different actions from a point of view that resembles the one experienced by the batters. That’s another reason why cricket can be so enjoyable. Some great live cricket scores are available on 1xBet, which allow punters to wager on multiple different occurrences that happen on their matches.