Some of the best home office essentials 

Working from home has become extremely common, especially following the effects of Covid-19. As more employers have understood the benefits of remote working and the flexibility it offers to both the employer and the employee, many firms have continued to allow staff to work full time from home, or have adopted the hybrid scheme. For those unaware of the hybrid scheme, it consists of working half in the office, half at home. Working from home can be great and all, but it has been proven that many employees miss certain features within the office which truly can have a negative and demotivating effect on their working day. If you fall under this category, then not to worry we have got you covered! Stay tuned as we list some of the best home office essentials. 

A suitable surface 

If you are one of those individuals who work with their laptop on their knee then things need to change. Did you know that extreme back strain and deterioration of health can be caused when your back is constantly hunched throughout the day? Talk about stating the obvious! Ensure that your workstation is a flat surface at a reasonable height to avoid body/back strain. Hey, if you’re looking to invest in a new desk, an electronically adjustable one is the perfect investment! 

Ergonomic chair  

If you want to feel like you are still in the office without umm, being in the office? Then a comfortable chair with the ability to swivel around on castor wheels is the perfect addition to your home office essentials checklist. After all, you want to be comfortable throughout your working day, not stuck to a firm and unbearable dining room chair. Top tip: features such as armrests and an adjustable back will simply maximise support and comfort.  

Electronic devices 

What would an office be without electronic devices? Well, a classroom we believe. Electronic devices essentially make up the workplace which is why we believe that a lot of devices are key home office essentials. Whether it be a laptop or computer monitor, a smart speaker or a smart TV, or even a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, the options of adding electronic devices are endless, particularly as the market is constantly evolving. These devices can also add a positive touch to your day. Who doesn’t love to catch up on an episode of Friends on their lunch break! Ensure that your TV aerial is functioning to avoid any interruptions! Click here for TV aerial installation or repairs.  

Coffee machine 

If your original office is in a busy vicinity or perhaps a city, you may well be missing the daily morning coffee run to the Starbucks or Costa down the street. We get it, granule coffee does not always cut it! Resolve this issue by investing in a small coffee machine for your home office. Coffee machines look pricey but we will let you in on a secret … pod coffee machines are a much cheaper alternative. Go ahead, key it into Google, we can guarantee that you will find one for as little as £30! 

Noise-cancelling headphones 

The hustle and bustle within your home can sometimes be extremely distracting, especially if you have kids running around, your partner working next to you, or even if you live next to a busy motorway or high school! Distractions are never ideal and can be demotivating, affecting your overall daily output. With your employer trusting you to work from home, the last thing you want is for your production levels to decrease. Invest in some new noise-cancelling headphones, put on your favourite soothing album, and get to work. 


Plants may never have been one of the home office essentials that come to mind however their effects are immersive! They do not only brighten up the room or desk space by adding vibrance and life to the setting, but they also have a positive effect on your physical and mental health. They improve air space, reduce stress, and influence a positive mindset. What are you waiting for? Head down to the nearest supermarket or garden centre and invest in a few desk plants today.  

Storage facilities 

There truly is nothing more frustrating than excess clutter on your desk space. Did you know that being unorganised and cluttered can ultimately reduce motivation? It is key to have storage facilities whether it be a filing cabinet, a chest of drawers, or even a large storage box underneath your desk. Whatever suits your budget or space best will work, as long as it provides the space to store paper and other important documents.  


You would be lying if you said that you have never found yourself in a phone call and no pen to write down information scenarios! An intense scenario to say the least when you are scampering around the home trying to find a writing utensil. Prepare yourself! A small pencil case is not childish! It is essential, and professional, especially in desperate times of need. Take a trip to the local shop and pick up a few pens, pencils, etc. It really won’t be a huge expense.