Some Movies As Good As Ready Player One

Science fiction movies can enrich our imagination and even make us understand the kaleidescape strato. Science fiction can only be a form of expression, but thinking about humanity and love has a tremendous positive effect on our lives. There are so many classic science fiction movies. Recommend five movies like Ready Player One with wide recognition; if you want to see science fiction movies, starting from these five similar movies must be right!

1. Ready Player One(2018)

The film’s protagonist is a hopeless, real-life boy addicted to video games. With an in-depth analysis of the virtual game designer, he goes through hardships to find the three keys hidden in the game, successfully beat the game, and, in the process, also gain friendship and love. Most people indulge in “oases” to pursue a sense of existence and value that cannot be found in real life, and it is a way to get rid of real life. It tells everyone to cherish the present life instead of unquestioningly choosing to deceive themselves.

2. The Martian(2015)

The film tells the story of Mark, the main character, who has lost contact with his team due to a sandstorm and is left alone on Mars, facing the destruction of his spaceship and trying to get back to Earth. Faced with the dilemma, he must use his wisdom, courage, and perseverance to solve the difficulties of survival while trying to send a distress signal to the Earth and find a way to continue to survive. The ambitious goal of a human-crewed landing on Mars has become the common dream of all humanity. However, the road to human exploration of Mars will be full of challenges. Still, this challenge and the spirit of adventure is the original driving force of human society to flourish.


The film tells a beautiful story. The hero enters the mysterious organization to prevent a new world War; he learns that time can be reversed and used. Finally, he and his companions go through various adventures to stop the big boss from detonating the nuclear bomb. Movies are the art of the imagination. Imagination is both original and innovative. Through the mental creativity and artistic fiction of outstanding filmmakers, movies can lead the audience to dream – there are such dreams, and dreams can do so.

4.Ex Machina(2014)

Ex Machina is a movie about artificial intelligence. Unlike some movies like A.I., it focuses on the testing of artificial intelligence rather than the consequences of implementing artificial intelligence or more on the reflection of human self-importance, not to create enemies for themselves, and the thought ceiling will not jump out of the “three laws of robotics” and the Turing test. The film takes a purer approach, creating a confined space where humans and robots work together to complete an advanced version of the Turing test: real people who know each other are robots taking part in the trial, exploring the actual boundary between humans and robots.


Shortly, with the deterioration of the Earth’s natural environment, human beings face the threat of being unable to survive. Crops are challenging to grow, resulting in severe food shortages. Matthew McConaughey stars as Cooper, a pilot, engineer, and single dad who, along with Anne Hathaway, is chosen as part of a plan to save humanity’s future. He is forced to leave his beloved daughter and son behind to seek another life outside the solar system.

Science fiction movies, as the name suggests, are science and fantasy. It is people’s longing for the future life, the bold conjecture of human progress. Science fiction films have captured the hearts of audiences with their unique advantages. In addition, they have inspired many inventions, and science fiction movies have promoted social progress.

A good movie can be as educational as a good lesson. Watching movies can cultivate your aesthetic and logical ability, broaden your horizons, and increase your interest. Take the time this weekend to settle down and watch a movie. If you are interested in romance movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, welcome to this useful website: reeltip.