Soft Water, Healthy Hair: How a Water Softener Can Transform Your Looks

Have you ever felt that your hair is totally dry after a shower and it didn’t get as clean as you expected? It’s like your shampoo and your conditioner did not work at all and they are fighting an invisible war against something. Well, the enemy is inside your pipes. The name of that enemy is Hard Water. 

Hard water Packed with all the Crystals of Magnesium and Calcium Sulfates etc. It can destroy your looks, turning your skin into a dry part and your hair into a tangled mess. But there’s a secret weapon to transform that water into something else: The water softener for Bathing

Hard Water: The Villain Of Your Bathroom 

The real culprit is hard water. Imagine the minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and other particles, and flakes just getting stuck to your hair and body. 

Thus making your skin dry plus weary, and your hair dry and messy. Not only that, hard water also makes your hair hard to style. Furthermore, it makes it very difficult for the shampoo and conditioner to do their job. 

What is Hard Water? 

Contrary to everyone’s beliefs, the name hard water doesn’t have anything to do with how it feels. Water becomes hard when the concentration of certain minerals in water becomes higher than usual. The two minerals that contribute to the problem of water becoming hard are mainly Magnesium and Calcium Carbonates. 

The water becomes hard if it passes through rocks and picks up these minerals in rivers, wells, or streams. The other reason for water being hard is the percolation of water from through different deposits of gypsum, limestone, chalk. These deposits consist of higher levels of Magnesium and Calcium Carbonates, sulfates and Bi-carbonates. 

Soft Water: The Ultimate Savior 

How can you solve these hair and skin problems that are created from hard water? The Solution to all your problems is a water softener for hair and bathing. There are infinite advantages to using a water softener. The way the water softener works is by filtering out all of these minerals and leaving it as gentle and pure water that just loves your skin and your hair. 

Think of Water Softener as the ultimate savior of your beautiful looks. The soft water will serve as a protector of your skin and your beautiful strands. There are multiple Soft Water benefits for skin that we will tell you about later. 

The Science Behind This Hair Care 

Soft water is a guard and a blank slate for your hair care. It helps the shampoos and conditioners do their job better. Soft water can help in making the cleaning more easy and effective. 

This helps in better cleaning and you get shiny and clean hair. Also, soft water has minerals like Calcium and Magnesium in the right amount, therefore there is no buildup of these minerals in your hair. 

Shiny Hair: Soft water helps your hair to be more shiny and fresh, thus making it look more bouncy and great. Bouncy hair is a sign of hair being healthy and this provides a new sense of confidence. 

Stronger Than Ever: Soft water does not damage your hair strands and split ends, thus making your hair feel like they are invincible. Soft water has properties that do not damage your hair strands, thus it is a great choice for people who don’t want to destroy their hair. 

Say no to frizz: Hard water can make your hair go frizzy but soft water tames those frizz, making your hair shiny and smooth. This frizzy mess can be the cause of hair breakage and many other hair problems. All this gets cured as soon as the water softener for hair is used. 

Soft Water: Going Beyond Hair 

We saw the benefits of Soft Water benefits for skin. But these benefits don’t end beyond your bathroom door. Just by Choosing the right water softener for your house, you can change your lifestyle towards healthy living. These are some Soft Water benefits on household equipment(washing machine, geyser)

  • Sparkling Skin: This is the Soft Water benefits for skin that will give you silky soft skin. No more dry and irritated skin from Hard water. Just the right water softener can help you have great skin that’s healthy and happy. 
  • Your appliances will thank you: One of the biggest problems with Hard water is the mineral buildup in household pipes, appliances and their heating elements. This can also damage the appliances under a certain period if these mineral deposits are not cleaned on time. 

The times of mineral buildup in your washing machine are gone with the use of a Water Softener. With soft water, your heater’s efficiency will not decrease and your dishwasher will clean your utensils with ease. Save your money and your time on replacements and repairs. 

  • Eco-friendly – Some Eco-friendly water softener options are available in the market that do not cause harm to our planet while turning hard water into soft water. Now you can be kind to your skin and your hair while being kind to the environment. 

These eco-friendly water softeners do not leach out harmful salts or chemicals in the environment during the conversion process of hard water to soft water. Not just invest in any water softener but into something good for us and our planet. 

Choose a Water Softener today

Many conventional water softeners use salt based processes and drain out harmful salts & chemicals into the environment and have many side effects. But some options are eco-friendly that you can use in your house.

Choosing the right water softener is no longer a tricky challenge. There are some of the best water softeners available for you like advanced technology water softeners of Teknovus that will not only make hard water into Soft water, and scalp health and skin health will improve, but will also provide the best in terms of not damaging our environment with its soft water process. Some of these salt-free and maintenance-free products are also known as Magnetic Water Softeners and Conditioners.

Whether you use Water softener for bathing or for hair, it will transform your looks and your hair. Embrace the power of new-age water softeners and unlock a new sense of healthy living today!.