Silver Remember Lottery – The Most Effective Playing Method in 2024

How to play remember the lottery For beginners, this is still a challenge. Therefore, understanding and mastering the statistical methods of silver memory is important in order to have the most accurate prediction. Let’s join Link New88 on the definition and reason why many people prefer silver coins as a popular lottery prediction method. This helps us gain a comprehensive view of information and statistical methods related to memory in the lottery.

Concept of playing lottery and remembering the lottery

Lottery strategy is a lottery method that many customers at New88 have long applied. It focuses on tracking the frequency and cycle of numbers appearing over a specific period of time, helping players predict which numbers are likely to appear in the next draws.

Lottery memory playing methods from experienced New88 players

According to shares from many longtime lottery players, playing the lottery memory method is said to be effective with a winning rate of almost 91%. Let’s explore the silver prediction methods that many experts often apply.

Silver remembers the lottery based on the Northern solution

Lottery memory is a strategy based on past results to choose beautiful numbers to play in the following days. For this method, the following can be observed and applied:

  • Lots return according to special prize: Suppose in case on February 21, 2024, the special prize is number 37, you can follow up on the following days to see which numbers frequently return. For example, the number pair 37 – 73 can appear 62 times, only being missed once since 2010. This may show that this pair of numbers regularly appears every 3 days.
  • Lottery returns by prize: If on February 21, 2024, the special prize is number 37 (24 times), then after 3 consecutive days, the pair of numbers 37 – 73 will return (appeared 35 times and only missed one). time). The pair of numbers 37 – 73 can be a reasonable pair of numbers to invest in bets. Players will be able to predict other beautiful pairs of numbers using the statistical method based on Northern lottery results.
  • Lotteries come back according to multiple flashing numbers: When a number appears many times, you can see which numbers often come back according to those numbers.

The above is just an example of that case, you can study more about other numbers this way.

Silver remembers the lottery according to the mute head

To get started with the daily number picking method, you need to own a notebook to record the silent numbers that have appeared in recent draws. Then, make a comparison with the latest lottery results to determine which numbers are most likely to appear in the next draws. According to information from the surveys, it can be concluded as follows:

  • The first 0 is silent: The next day there is a possibility of the numbers 05, 06, 08 appearing.
  • First day 1 is silent: The next day can be number 14 or 16.
  • The second day is silent: The next day there is a possibility of numbers 24, 26 and 29 appearing.
  • Head 3 is silent: The numbers 31, 33 and 36 may appear next day.
  • First 4 is silent: The next day there is a possibility of numbers 40, 42, 48 appearing.
  • First 5 is silent: The next day the numbers 54, 53 may appear.
  • The number 6 is silent: The next day there is a possibility of numbers 62 and 64 appearing.
  • Silent 7: The next day the numbers 70, 74, 79 may appear.
  • Silent 8: The next day, numbers 81, 83, 85 are likely to appear.
  • First 9 is silent: The next day usually has numbers 90, 93.

Silver remembers according to the falling lot

The falling number is the number that appeared in the previous day’s lottery results, for example, today’s lottery number is 37. If you choose silver and remember the falling lottery number 37 tomorrow, there is a possibility that you will win the lottery (however, note that Does not apply to falling numbers on days when both numbers and numbers have the same number). There are two common types of lottery numbers: lottery numbers and lottery numbers. This is also considered one of the popular ways to play lottery memory among the lottery community.

How to bet when playing lottery using the lottery memory method

When we first started participating in the lottery, of course we were just beginners without much experience. Therefore, we want to share useful experiences to help all of you minimize risks when participating in lottery playing.

Practice playing with low stakes

Initially, practice playing with small bets to gain experience and accumulate lottery knowledge. This also helps you feel mentally comfortable when you first start participating.

Find a reputable select place to learn from other players

Surely when participating in any select sport, the first thing everyone wants to know is the reputation of the select location. Join New88 to play and learn from other experienced players


We will continue to synthesize more prediction methods remember the lottery to send to our readers. Follow and join New88 now to get more information on how to play lottery more effectively.