Short Nails Inspirations

Short nails are popular because they are easy to maintain and also have fewer limitations to daily activities than it is with long nails. Some people opt for keeping their nails short for hygienic reasons, especially those that do a lot of food handling. Long nails are considered to be more likely to harbor dirt, and this is not hygienic. There are so many short nail designs that you can try out.

Short nail designs are mostly easy to come up with, which means that you can do your own nails in the comfort of your home. You only need a bit of creativity in order to come up with the short nail design you want. If you cannot develop short-nail ideas, you can always seek inspiration from other people or sources. The following are some stylish short nails designs inspirations to try.

  • Single Solid Color

If you are a beginner who is trying to explore short nail designs, the easiest one is to get a simple solid color. This will save you the trouble of having to design some complicated art designs.

Getting one color polish for all the nails is a stylish and simple design. The choice of the single color to use for this idea is entirely your opinion. 

When choosing a color, consider your everyday wear and how appropriate it is for your daily life, such as the job you do.

You can adapt color based on the season of special occasions you attend. The choice is yours and should be best at showing your personality and boosting your confidence.

  • Nude Color

If you are someone who loves embracing the natural form, the nude is the color for you. Different shades of nudes complement different skin tones. You should choose a nude color based on your skin tone unless you want to create a variation.

Nude is a very simple color that, when used on the nails, can match any outfit in your wardrobe. Nude nails can be worn for any occasion, whether casual or official.

Getting a nude shade that matches your skin tone is not necessarily a must. You can get a different nude shade if you want to create variation and get attention to your short nails.

  • Pastel Colors

There are different pastel colors that you can polish your nails in based on your personal choice. Pastel colors are beautiful and cannot go unnoticed. If you love more than one pastel color, you can feature all of them on different nails.

  • Red Color

This is one of the bold polish colors. Red nail colors are the best if you love some attention to your nails since red can be noticed from a distance.

Red is a color that represents love, and you can have your nails in red as a symbol of love. The red color is also timeless and can be worn for every manicure appointment without needing a change.

Red nails are most appropriate for a casual event like a nightclub where you want attention to your nails. This does not mean they are not appropriate for office purposes, though.

  • Dark Hues

If you love dark colors but don’t want to do black necessarily, this is the best option. Dark hues are definitely attractive o short nails. They actually outdo long nails when it comes to rating. 

You can try colors such as midnight blue for a super cute look. The best thing is that you have a variety of options to have fun exploring every time you get a manicure for as long as you may like.

  • Multi-Colore Design

This is the best idea for those who have many favorite colors or have a hard time settling for one specific color. This idea needs some attention when it comes to the coordination of the different colors in order to come up with an appealing finish.

It is a good short nails idea for people who want to try something new. The idea is very versatile, as different styling options bring limitless options to the table.

It is recommended to go for colors that have a gradient effect to get an appealing look and also minimize color clashing.