Several New Features Have Arrived in the Popular Google Maps App

Want to avoid big crowds in certain shops or places? Google Maps is now sending you a notification. Read below what other features have arrived in the popular app.

Google has never stopped its work on improving Google Maps which is due to the fact the application is very often used. As we were approaching the end of last year, the app has been given some additional features that will be of great benefit to many in 2022.

“Area Busyness”

The first new feature came out just in time to be useful, and was extremely useful, during the holiday season last year. Imagine you started with traditional Christmas shopping and still don’t know what to buy? You’ll most likely wait for the weekend to visit the big retail chains and look for holiday discounts. The only thing that can distract you from this is the large number of people who are in certain malls and shops.

You probably want to avoid the hype, and during a coronavirus pandemic, many are also looking for places where there aren’t too many crowds and where they are free to do the shopping and run other errands. That’s why the Google Maps application got the so-called “Busyness” tool called “Area Business”, which is basically an extension of the “Live busyness” functionality. With it, you’ll be able to see on Google Maps when a certain area is full of people and this information will come automatically without the need to enter additional menus. The Google Maps application will have a marker for a specific area on the map, such as “Busy Area”, and clicking on it will probably provide additional details. So if you haven’t used it during the New Year and Christmas holidays a month or so ago, try using it later this year.

The “Directory” Tab Extension

The Google Maps application will expand the “Directory” tab, which will show information about airports, malls, and transit stations. It will now be possible to see which objects and shops are located in these facilities, and an overview of services, such as car rental or parking spaces, will be available.

The Possibility of Ordering Groceries Is Expanding

The ability to order groceries and other downloadable items has been expanded by Google Maps to even more malls and stores. With this feature, which has been in operation since the beginning of the year, the purchase process is simplified for many users and everything can be done in one place.

More Information About Restaurants and Service Facilities

Another new feature is the greater amount of restaurant-related information on Google Maps. The user who decides to review the restaurant (just how gambling specialists review the best mobile casino sites) will now be able to include additional details such as pricing range, delivery, interior and outside decorating, and so on.

“Pickup with Google Maps”

Finally, for users in the United States, a function dubbed “Pickup with Google Maps” has been enhanced to include more stores such as Kroger, Fry’s, Ralphs, and Mariano’s. Users can employ the functionality to place an order with a retailer, track the status of their order, post their estimated arrival time, and notify the store that they have arrived.

All the new features of Google Maps are coming to the US first, for both Android and iOS, and are expected to arrive in other countries during the ongoing year.