Rules of College Essay Writing

When it comes to College Essay Writing, there are some rules you should keep in mind. These include not using outside quotes or imagery, choosing an interesting topic, and crafting an effective thesis statement. These rules will make writing an excellent college essay easy for you. If you follow them, your essays will be a lot easier to read and comprehend. You can also take help from a college essay writing service.

Crafting a thesis statement

A thesis statement is a concise one or two-sentence summary of the main point of an essay. It is generally located at the end of the introduction, or near the beginning. Some teachers may want you to place your thesis statement earlier or later, depending on how long your essay is.

Crafting a thesis statement is particularly important when writing an essay for college. While the list-style thesis statement is common, it can be difficult to differentiate the main point of an essay written in college. Instead, use a more flexible statement that reflects the purpose of the essay. For example, you could write about good and evil as the main theme of a book series.

Choosing an interesting topic

When writing an essay, it is important to select a topic that will appeal to both you and your reader. You can start brainstorming topics by thinking about an event or experience that you have had. Think about what is memorable about that moment, and incorporate descriptive passages and dialogue to make the essay interesting.

After you’ve come up with a few ideas, try to put them aside for a day or two. This will help you narrow your choices and allow you to look at them with fresh eyes. If you’ve come up with a list of potential college essay topics, cross off those that don’t speak to you.

Creating an outline

When you begin writing an essay, it’s helpful to make an outline first. A good outline includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should be one or two paragraphs long and be focused on a central idea or a personal experience. The body will probably consist of one or two paragraphs, and should support your main theme.

In addition to creating an outline, it’s important to keep in mind the word count of the essay. Most college application forms come with a word limit, and experts suggest keeping the word count between 500 and 650 words. Creating an outline will help you determine how long your essay should be, and will ensure that you’re staying on topic.


Revision in college essay writing is the process of editing or rewriting an essay. The process transforms an early draft into an improved one. It turns ideas into clear, coherent prose. It also makes the essay more thought-provoking. During revision, the college professor will expect you to make changes that affect the meaning of the essay.

Revision in college essay writing involves re-examining the first draft and the original assignment. It can be a time to explore new aspects of the topic, complicate central claims, or use different organizing methods. Revision can be a valuable part of the process of academic writing, but it requires a thoughtful approach.