Roulette rated the most popular game in India

The mobile internet age has affected practically every aspect of our lives, our jobs and our leisure pursuits. That most certainly includes casino gaming. 20 or 30 years ago, casinos were places of mystery and magic, frequented by playboys and gangsters in exotic locations from Goa to Monte Carlo to Las Vegas. 

Fast forward to 2022 and casino gaming is accessible to anyone of legal age who has a smartphone – which is rapidly becoming practically all of us, even in rural locations. The online platforms cater to a broad audience and the range of games on offer is far wider than you might think. Yet the most popular game among online casino players in India is one that has been around for more than three hundred years.

The timeless attraction of roulette

The roulette wheel was an accidental invention by French mathematician Blaise Pascal in the late 1600s, a byproduct of his experimentation with perpetual motion. Pascal’s wheel was combined with an Italian gambling game called Biribi that involved picking numbers at random from a chart. The first roulette wheels as we know them today started to appear in French gambling houses in the late 18th century.

Roulette is arguably the most iconic features of a casino, with its mahogany wheel and velvet covered table. In fact, the sense of theatre associated with each spin of the wheel and the French terms commonly used are what make roulette so enduringly popular. Stripped bare, the game itself is just a case of guessing which number between 0 and 36 will come up at random and doesn’t sound very exciting at all! 

Variations of roulette

Today, most casino gamers in India play online from their smartphones. Roulette’s huge popularity comes down to two factors. One, it is a game everyone can play on equal terms. Betting on rouge or noir takes no expertise or strategic knowledge, and a first timer is as likely to win as someone who has been playing for years.  

Secondly, despite the sense of tradition and history associated with the game, roulette has still moved with the times. The Gamble Online India site offers reviews for dozens of online casinos in India, and every single one of them offers live roulette in different forms. You can check them out in detail at but in brief, the roulette games on offer at online casinos include both European and American roulette, plus special versions of the game such as double ball roulette and lightning roulette. The latter features lightning strikes that hit one to five lucky numbers, adding random multipliers should the ball land on of them. 

Roulette strategy

We said earlier that there is no skill to playing roulette, and unlike such games as poker or blackjack, winning or losing is completely down to chance. However, you can still play strategically. Doing so won’t make you win more but it helps you to protect and manage your bankroll.  

There is no “right” strategy for roulette, but seasoned gamblers usually recommend sticking with the even money bets like black/white or odd/even as these can be combined with betting progressions like the Martingale. Remember, this doesn’t make you a winner, but it does help you stay in control of your spending.