Revolut Review: Best stock trading platform in 2022

Revolut, a fintech firm with rapid expansion that was established in 2015, is mostly recognized for its financial and banking services. 2019 saw the company introduce Revolut Trading Ltd.’s commission-free stock exchange service.

The US Securities Commission (SEC) and the Financial Conduct Authority are two of the primary agencies that oversee Revolut (FINRA). Under the insurance provided by the Bonds And stocks Protection Corporation (SIPC), clients’ assets are covered up to $500,000 ($250,000 cash). Additionally, the UK Regulatory Agency oversees Revolut (FCA). Choosing the best stock trading platform is very necessary to save your money.

A digital bank that offers to trade and includes provisions is called Revolut. It debuted in 2015 as a travel card with advantageous currency conversion rates, and since then it has sought to become an institution.

One of the digital banks with the fastest rate of increase and the most functionality is Revolut. The majority of those who frequently travel choose. It might not, however, be able to fully take over the role of your bank.

Revolut is not currently running as an overflowing bank, but it is working toward being one. In December 2018, the company was granted a “championship” bank licence by the European Central Bank. Your funds are not kept on Revolut’s servers; rather, Barclays and Lloyds handle it. It also submitted proposals for a US bank charter and a UK banking licence at the start of 2021.

The Revolut trading account’s features

The following are some essential elements of Revolut’s trading account:

Activate an account with your app. Direct trading access is available through the Revolut application. You must have a Revolut wallet and be at least 18 years old.

Purchase stock from over 800 various firms. Well-known companies like Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Uber are on the list. All of them are listed in the US. You cannot currently make investments in any firm listed on the London Stock Market using Revolut (LSE).

Fractional ownership. Some firms’ shares can cost thousands (or more) but Revolut allows you to acquire fractional shares, able to start with just £1.

Direct dividend credits are made to your Revolut account. Of certainly, if you hold shares in a business that distributes dividends. Etoro is safe because its easily and securely generates your crypto tax form according to eToro USA review and ratings.

Establish price alerts and a queue. You can monitor the stocks that intrigue you.

Revolut is it secure?

When you attempt to log into the system, Revolut’s security features now include fingerprint identification. Revolut users can easily deactivate specific elements that raise the possibility of phishing attacks because of the company’s user-friendly customization capabilities.

App Revolut

When it comes to features like customer support and data confidentiality, the Revolut App provides a superior substitute to traditional banking. The software includes a user interface that is simple to use and designed for the convenience of all familiar users.

The software also allows you to trade a variety of popular coins, and as it has access to the biggest liquidity pool in Europe, it guarantees that you obtain the best coin exchange rates. Revolut supports Litecoin along with other virtual currencies including Ether, Ripple, and Litecoin. The business pledges to soon include more virtual currencies. eToro USA review clears that it’s one of the best stock trading platforms.

Revoluta’s bitcoin trading platform has no ongoing maintenance fees. This entails that you can instantaneously purchase bitcoin coins or tokens without worrying about overdraft charges.

How to Transfer Funds Using Revolut

It is easy and quick to send money to bank accounts or other Revolut members.


Applying for a Revolut Business loan is possible.

When a card is stolen or misplaced, freeze it.

No-cost shopping

favorable exchange rate


Easy to use

ability to provide staff with cards

Options for flexible funds

Mobile Application


unable to generate interest at this time

Money cannot be automatically transferred into the account.

Not yet an established bank

Only EUR accounts are eligible for direct debits.

accepts neither checks nor deposit accounts

2 per cent cash withdrawal fee


You can select from two different sorts of plans with Revolut Business, including a free basic plan and a membership plan. There are no monthly expenses with the free plan, but you only get a few features.

On either hand, for the monthly amount you pay with subscription plans, you get a greater number of free activities.