Review of 3 Smart TV 85 inch models with high-resolution screen

The 85-inch TV is a premium product with a large, high-resolution screen that provides an immersive movie, entertainment, and gaming experience. However, the prices of these TV lines are often quite high, causing many people to hesitate before deciding to buy. In this article, we will introduce to you the top 3 models of Smart TV 85 inch with super-sharp screens at affordable prices.

1. Smart TV Neo QLED 8K 85 inch Samsung QA85QN900B

Smart TV Neo QLED 8K 85-inch Samsung QA85QN900B carries in itself an extremely elegant and luxurious infinity edge design, the edge is made of ultra-thin metal, only 1.54 cm thick, providing an enlarged frame effect. maximum, allowing you to immerse yourself in all your entertainment without distractions. The 85-inch maximum screen is suitable for meeting rooms, living rooms, and halls with an area of ​​over 30 m2.

Smart TV Neo QLED 8K 85-inch Samsung QA85QN900B will definitely become a highlight, enhancing the aesthetic value of your home

Viewers will be able to see firsthand every smallest detail even in the night scene thanks to the impressive combination of Quantum Matrix Pro technology – good brightness control and Quantum Mini LED 14-Bit backlighting the size of 1/ 40 compared to conventional LEDs. The TV will avoid light leakage, display deep blacks, and pure whites, and improve contrast in every frame.

Immerse yourself in each movie scene, and feel every thrilling moment from the action or the thrill of sports matches thanks to the perfect combination of OTS Lite and Dolby Atmos technology. This duo has the ability to recognize the motion of objects and reproduce vivid 3D sound frames to give you the feeling of appearing in each movie scene.

Samsung 85QN900B personalizes your entertainment experience and brings you great conveniences

It can be said that the Samsung 85QN900B has the perfect combination of a series of Samsung’s most outstanding imaging and sound technologies. Currently, 85QN900B on the market is priced at VND 220,000,000, but coming to Manh Nguyen Electronics Supermarket, you will enjoy a discount of up to 49%, just spend VND 112,980,000 to own a super product. This.

2. Sony Android TV Bravia XR Master 8K 85 inch XR-85Z9J

The Sony 85Z9J TV also possesses almost all modern conveniences such as a Cognitive Processor XR™ processor and an Ultra HD 8K screen, providing a detailed audiovisual experience through analysis and reproduction of content. dung. In addition, the product incorporates XR Surround and XR Sound Position technologies, helping the sound to spread throughout the space and precisely match each movement of the image.

Sony 85Z9J TV owns the most advanced picture and sound technologies

As a TV in the high-end segment, the Sony Android Bravia XR Master 8k 85-inch TV XR-85Z9J has a huge 85-inch screen with an ultra-thin bezel design. So 85Z9J is not only a TV but it is also a decorative product that makes a difference and class for your home. What are you waiting for without “getting” the super product 85Z9J for your home?

3. QLED TV Samsung 4K Picture Frame 85 inch 85LS03B Lifestyle TV

Samsung 85LS03B Lifestyle TV with a wide screen of up to 85 inches is suitable for large luxurious spaces such as restaurants, meeting rooms, cafes, and large family living rooms. The product has a sturdy base, you can attach it to the wall or to the table depending on the needs of different objects.

Picture frame TV has a slim and luxurious design

Samsung 85LS03B TV is equipped with Supreme UHD Dimming technology that can split the image, and optimize color display, for the most realistic and vivid picture. As a result, if installed in a space of 30 – 50m2, they all provide sharp, super-realistic image quality.

Samsung TVs are able to deliver incredibly smooth motion-based surround sound with the most advanced Object Tracking Sound Pro (OTS Pro) technology. You can easily enjoy realistic 3D sound through every scene on the screen.

One of the plus points for the Samsung 85LS03B TV is that it allows you to easily select and access the application store quickly. This operating system also has a very user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.

User-friendly and easy-to-use Tizen operating system

Above are the top 3 models of Smart TV 85 inch with super-sharp screens at affordable prices. Hope this article has helped you to have more information to choose the right TV for your needs. Have a great movie, entertainment, and gaming experience with your new TV!

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