Reasons desert safari Dubai is not made for you

If you think a desert safari in Dubai is for everyone, then you’re wrong. This list of different reasons will show you why a desert safari isn’t made for some people. From the heat to the animals, there are plenty of reasons to reconsider your trip to the Dubai desert. Keep reading to see if a desert safari is really for you.

You’re scared of heights:

Desert Safari in ras al khaimah may not be the best choice if you’re not a fan of thrills and adventure. With its awe-inspiring landscape, this tourist attraction can be quite daunting for those afraid of heights. Even though your feet may never physically leave the ground on a Safari Dubai tour, the majestic dunes can make even the bravest of us a bit uneasy. So if you fear heights, it’s probably best to heed this warning and avoid the excitement.

You don’t like to be around animals:

If a desert climate isn’t enough to dissuade you from visiting Dubai, then the multitude of wild animals that inhabit the desert might be. If you don’t enjoy being near nature and its creatures, then a desert safari is certainly not right for you. 

Exotic animals like Arabian oryx, camels, and lizards roam freely through the dunes. These remarkable creatures interact with visitors throughout their tour and add to the uniqueness of an unforgettable memorable experience.

If you don’t like sun heat or dehydration:

Desert safari Dubai is a magical place, full of expansive sand dunes and the potential for adventure. Unfortunately, that comes at a price, sun heat and dehydration. If you are someone who does not like these conditions, then it’s not for you. 

Desert safari Dubai is an environment that favors those willing to with its rugged beauty. The temperatures in the day can be extreme and there is little to no vegetation to provide shade so it’s best suited to adventurers determined to appreciate the serene scenery of the desert.

You get carsick easily:

If you’re the type of person who gets carsick easily, you may want to rethink your desert safari plans for Dubai. Cruising through miles and miles of sand dunes at high speeds to get from one location to another is an essential part of a desert safari experience. 

All that stop-and-go lane changing, bumpy roads and spinning could add up to a miserable experience if you’re prone to motion sickness, so it’s best to be forewarned and consider other options for your Dubai itinerary. 

However, there are plenty of exciting options available – such as visiting local souks, exploring mosques or viewing the city skyline from atop of the world’s tallest tower- so there are no shortage of activities even if a desert safari isn’t right for you.

You can’t handle sand in your shoes or clothes:

If you want to experience the exhilaration of a desert safari in Dubai but aren’t comfortable with sand everywhere, you may want to reconsider. From the hot dust-filled dunes to the sand-swept wades, a desert safari leads you deep into some of Dubai’s most stunning desert landscapes and sand remains an unavoidable part of that sightseeing experience. 

Like any other journey through nature, there’s no real way to predict just how much sand you might be facing during your safari adventure. While some clothing items such as long pants and sturdy shoes offer some level of protection from dust and debris, it’s advisable for those uncomfortable with sand getting into their clothes or shoes to think twice about a desert excursion in Dubai.

If loud noises scare you then desert safari Dubai is not for you:

The desert safari in Dubai is an experience like no other, with ample amounts of fun and adventure. However, if loud noises terrify you then the safari might not be the best bet for you. There’s more to the safari than just a beautiful night sky, you also get to witness thrilling activities such as sandboarding, quad biking and camel riding. 

But as exciting as these activities may sound, all of them involve loud noises that add to the adrenaline of being in a remote desert setting. Thus, it’s best to skip the trip if loud noise scares you due to the uncertainty of unfamiliar surroundings.

You can’t ride a quad bike:

Desert safari Dubai can be an exciting experience but it is one that should not be taken lightly. Those who plan to join the tour must be experienced riders of quad bikes, as this is the main means of transport for traversing the desert. Anyone without prior riding experience will find themselves struggling to stay in control and missing out on the adventure altogether. 

In addition, due to Emirates law, anybody under the age of 18 must always ride behind another passenger on a quad bike and never alone. So if you can’t ride a quad bike then desert safari Dubai just won’t be the same thrilling experience you’re after.