Affordable Irrigation Solutions: Rain Gun Sprinkler Price in Kenya

A rain gun sprinkler is a high-performance micro-irrigation device designed for various applications and uses with an extended radius and high flows of water throw.

This article mainly focuses on rain gun sprinklers in Kenya. The sprinkler rotates in a circular motion powered by water force emitted from the nozzles. The areas sprayed vary with the amount of pressure emitted by water. They rotate at 360 degrees or partly. The sprinklers are supported by motors and gears that make the sprinklers rotate.

Types of rain gun sprinklers

Before assessing the rain gun sprinkler price in Kenya, there are different types of rain gun sprinklers in Kenya. Below are some of them;

  • Impact rain guns

In this type of rain gun, the sprinkler rotates in a circular motion. It is powered by water force expelled from the nozzles. They rotate at 360 degrees. The distance being sprayed depends on the pressure of the water.

  • Hear driven rain guns (without flange)

They contain motors and gears that enable the sprinklers to rotate. In addition, the sprinklers have a knob user for adjusting the rotation angle. They can rotate full circle or partly.

  • Flange rain gun sprinklers

From the word flange, they have a flange system that connects the supporting stand to the water gun. Flange rain gun sprinklers are used under high pressure to prevent system damage.

Factors to consider before buying rain gun sprinklers

  • The type of crop planted

Before buying a rain gun sprinkler, ensure the irrigated crop meets the standards to avoid flooding and stunted growth.

  • The cost of fuel

Rain guns use fuel to operate. Please find out the cost of fuel and its availability.

  • The amount of labor required

A certain technique operates rain guns. In case of any damage, always have an operated to help you to repair the damages

  • Size of the field

The larger the field, the more sprinklers will be needed. Make sure you have enough run guns that fit your field.

  • Source of water and its availability

The water should always be available. Look for a valuable source to use your sprinkler.

Advantages of rain gun sprinkler

  1. The rain gun sprinkler makes water available for the crop planted. This ensures water runs throughout the farm, even during a dry season. The rain guns spray water onto the surfaces of soil and plants.
  2. Rain gun sprinklers can be used to apply foliar fertilizer and pesticides to crops faster than other types of sprayers. Pesticides help to reduce the spread of pests and diseases from one plant to another. This improves the production of crops harvested.
  3. Rain gun sprinkler is also used to control insects such as white flies. Water sprays disrupt the growth cycle of white flies. Whiteflies act like vectors that ruin crops and reduce their yields.
  4. Rain gun sprays reduce labor costs.


In conclusion, rain gun sprinklers have been used widely for irrigation and other activities. Purchase yours today at an affordable cost to get your experience. We will be glad to hear your feedback.