QR Codes Advantages For B2B Marketers

Everyone must have scanned QR codes with their mobile device at some point. So, people have become familiar with this tool. Marketers can leverage this tool for business promotion. 

The QR code generator from QR-Kode.no is a great way to direct consumers to your website. Today, every customer has a smartphone. So, it has become easy for customers to scan the QR code and contact your representative, visit your website, or increase engagement and speed up the sales cycle. Call the professionals and gain more details on how to do it!

Can QR codes be used in B2B marketing campaigns? Yes, they will offer a lot of benefits to your B2B Company.

QR codes advantages to B2B marketers

  • Promotes sharing & networking – You can engage consumers on social media by linking the mobile device to the ‘Like’ button on your Facebook page or sending them to your LinkedIn or Twitter page. Social media engagement means you get a chance to build connections and create brand awareness. 
  • Use as CTC – Link QR codes to instructional videos, trailers, audios, or other media in the form of call-to-action [CTC]. You can link it to ‘Call us’ or ‘email us’ messages. 
  • Improve SEO & SMO – QR codes can optimize your social media and search engine optimization. Encourage consumers to share more, which possibly increases traffic. SEO and SMO are focused on increasing online visibility and ranking, which is what QR code, does.
  • Get creative – You can make the QR codes appear interesting. Instead of the black & white pixel boxes, some businesses create stylish and personalized QR codes. You can customize QR code colors and gain a competitive edge.
  • Track their performance – In traditional marketing ways, you were unable to keep track of your campaign performance. QR codes allow measuring the results based on clicks and leads. 
  • Connect online & offline media – Many B2B companies use QR codes to connect their website with print media. It means there is no need to include URL or contact details because potential consumers will scan and be directed to the landing page. 
  • Consumers adore them – QR codes make consumers’ life easy. They don’t have to note URLs and contact details or remember to visit the site later. Quick QR code scan and they will contact your business via a form or phone call. B2B Companies handle potential consumers who are busy and short on time. So, the more quickly and easily they get in touch with your business the possibility they will convert increases. 

Tips to leverage the powerful tool QR codes

  • Integrate QR codes to trade show materials, which make it easy to direct the booth visitors to your dedicated landing webpage. 
  • Incorporate QR codes to speaking event materials allowing audiences to sign up for the newsletter or give instant feedback after your presentation.
  • Integrate QR codes in handouts that directly go to a job posting. Job seekers can find this easy to apply.
  • Add a QR code to your business card to give instant access to Facebook or LinkedIn or your website. 

QR code integration can simplify the task of recipients and even keep track of the performance to identify your campaign value.