Putuo Village Weekend Must-Visit Attractions in Kulai Johor Malaysia

Putuo Village is a beautiful natural area and a spiritual holy spot for all soul seekers. People will be able to immerse themselves with nature and feel their stress “dissipate” as the breeze blows. You can find positive energy by embracing nature and the sun. This is the place to be if you want to create the paradise of your dreams.

Malaysia has retained many natural beauty throughout its development. Many people have the unique opportunity to discover culture and be immersed in cultural villages to exhibit. So today I will introduce to you every corner of this beautiful cultural village – Putuo Village.

Purple Bamboo Valley

The Purple Bamboo Valley lies in the forest, and offers beautiful scenery. There are many photogenic spots that tourists can visit. The entrance fee for locals is RM5 per head, and RM10 for non-locals.

You will see many beautiful sights as you stroll through the bamboo forest. You will find a beautiful rainbow-colored pathway among them. The trail is lined with colorful colors, much like scenes from fairy tales.

You can also find other photogenic spots like colorful flags and umbrellas in Chinese style. This is sure to grab your attention. You should also take a picture to spice up your Instagram or Facebook feeds.

There is so much to see along the trail, not only beautiful scenery but also more interesting things. You will find many photo-worthy places, including the Hanging Nests photography corner. This was inspired by the weaver nest. This is a great spot to take a selfie.

Continue to stretch your leg and explore other photography spots in the village. You will find more amazing vioion at the shrines and lush bamboo forests.

After much exploration, it’s finally time to visit the main attraction, Buddhist Sanctuary Temple.

Buddhist Sanctuary Temple

Putuo Village Kulai in Malaysia is a well-known Buddhist holy spot. The bamboo forest also has a magnificent Buddhist temple. The temple is lit up at night so the atmosphere and place come alive.

Bodhi Sanctuary is home to the largest Zhundhi Bodhisattva sculpture in Southeast Asia. Putuo Village preserves Buddhist culture and well-preserved Buddhist heritage, such as prayer wheels or Buddha statues.

They will decorate the temple on auspicious days, particularly Chinese New Year. This will make it a popular attraction for thousands of tourists. It doesn’t matter if you are there to pray, wish, or see Buddhism in action, the temple is worth a visit. People praying devoutly as they look at the solemn Buddha statue. The distracting thoughts that were occupying our minds gradually disappear in this environment.

The temple has a wishing tree that can be used to pray. Under the wishing tree, you can make a wish. Your wishes can be written on a red ribbon. Then, toss it up high in the tree. Your wish will be fulfilled when your ribbon is successfully hung up to the tree.

After a long hike, devotional visits to gods and a long hike, don’t you feel thirsty? This is a Bamboo-themed cafe in the village.

Fat Bamboo Cafe

The cafe is air-conditioned, and the name of the fertile bamboo is its name. It is also a Putuo Village Vegetarian restaurant. The path leads to Fat Bamboo Cafe and Temple. After worshipping the statue, you can walk directly to the cafe from the corridor.

Fat Bamboo Cafe is a completely different cafe than the one in the city. You should stop by and enjoy the tranquility of the bamboo forest. It is peaceful and enjoyable! Fat Bamboo Cafe’s theme is bamboo forest. Even the tables and chairs made of bamboo are part of its design.

Fat Bamboo Cafe serves a variety of delicious food, desserts, and beverages. The bamboo skewers are used to package and present their desserts and meals, making them look delicate and chic.

Charcoal-fired authentic bamboo glutinous rice and Charcoal grilled bamboo Turmeric rice with Fragrant Curry are examples. This is their signature bamboo-rice recipe, and it’s a must-try. These delicious dishes are prepared over a fragrant bamboo charcoal stove, and the rice is wrapped with bamboo scent.

They also offer delicious desserts like Japanese Classic Matcha and Bamboo Charcoal Chocolate. This ice cream is unique in that it has a light, refreshing aroma and contains no sugar. Their specialty is the bamboo cup, which they use to hold the ice cream. The cost is approximately RM10.

Amitabha Foundation Elder Home (Putuo Village)

Although you might not believe it, Amitabha Foundation Elder home is actually a nursing facility. It is surrounded by lush greenery, gardens, and creates the ideal atmosphere for our loved ones.

Amitabha Malaysia founded it. They have been upholding the motto of “Help the Needy” for over 20 years. They love and give of their time, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. They are constantly expanding their love and spreading it around the world.

Although nursing home might be a stereotypical image, it is actually a place for elderly people who are vulnerable or abandoned. They did their best to make repairs and renovations. It is now a “sweet house”.

Spread your love and visit the elder home. Amitabha Foundation Elder Care is now open to the public. Volunteers can spread their love and help charities.

Putuo Village is a must-see for anyone looking to experience a memorable and unique cultural experience in Johor. It doesn’t matter if you are suffering from stress or depression. You can find relief by walking around Putuo Village. Putuo Village displays buddhism stories and arts. It is also a place of love, care, and preservation of the natural bamboo forest scenery.

The uniqueness of Putuo Village surprises everyone everywhere! You must know that Putuo Village is not only a good place for leisure, but also a popular photography spot for locals. For those who like selfies and photography, this place is really worth a visit!

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