Proven Marketing Strategies for Small Travel Agencies

While running a small travel agency, you might not have a lot of funds at your disposal to spend on marketing activities. You have to keep yourself accountable for every penny that you spend. Since marketing is important for every business, you cannot afford to overlook it either. If you are keen on getting good results, the one thing you can do is implement marketing strategies that have already worked for businesses of this type and scale.

The success of a travel agency is greatly dependent on the number of people or clients it can attract. The higher the number of people making bookings through your agency, the more successful your business will be. To get more clients, you need to do a few things. You need to create more awareness around your business and make potential clients believe that you can help them travel more conveniently. This is where marketing can help you.

Apart from creating brand awareness, marketing can help a travel agency shoot up its website traffic, find more leads, and get more bookings done. While opting for tried-and-tested marketing strategies is a good idea, you should have a good amount of knowledge on different promotional tactics and methods to use them effectively.

While using a marketing strategy that has already proved to be successful, you can try to come up with different ways in which it can be personalized. After deciding to adopt a particular strategy, you should try and figure out what you can add to it and how it can serve your business well.

E-Mail Marketing

Many digital marketing strategies have been around for a long time and continue to thrive today. One such digital marketing strategy is using e-mail marketing. Out of all the people visiting your travel agency in a day, only a few will be asking you to make bookings. However, you can get most of them to subscribe to your mailing list.

Once a person agrees to subscribe to your mailing list, you can send them content and material related to your business at regular intervals. Apart from keeping them informed about the new services or discounts you are offering, you can share content that could get their attention. You must remember not to bombard them with too many emails.

YouTube Channel

Launching a YouTube channel does not cost any money. Once your travel agency has its own YouTube channel, you can use it to upload audio-visual content regularly. As your YouTube channel grows, you will see a larger number of people showing interest in your business as well. You can get the marketing team or put together a new digital team to look after the YouTube channel.

There is a lot that you can do with your YouTube channel. From creating original content that gets people interested in your business to producing funny videos that have the potential to go viral, you can use your YouTube channel in different ways. The one thing you need to remember is that all the content that you put up should be in sync with the ethos of your business.

Influencer Marketing

The one modern-day marketing method that has proved to be beneficial for businesses of all types is influencer marketing. In this type of marketing, brands collaborate with influencers to promote themselves. Mostly, influencers charge a certain amount of money for such activities. However, one could also try and get into a barter collaboration with them.

Whether you are marketing your travel brand with micro influencers or planning to get mega-influencers on board, you should know it would help your business. By investing in influencer marketing, your travel agency could see more inquiries coming its way. It would be a good idea to collaborate with travel influencers who are known to be credible and have a good reach.

Content Marketing

When you do not have a lot of money to spend on marketing or promotions, the one thing you need to create is good content. If you have some good ideas and execute them properly, you can create an impact. Without spending much, you can create the kind of content that can travel far and wide and can generate enough attention for your business.

As a business, you can create the kind of content that can be distributed conveniently and consumed easily. If you want to have sustainable growth and retain your audience for long, you have to work towards creating quality content consistently. Hiring a content manager to create and distribute content effectively would be a good thing to do.


If your travel agency has had slow growth so far and you want to speed up things, the one thing you could do is rebrand your business. When some entrepreneurs hear the term ‘rebrand’, they tend to get a little nervous as they feel they have to start everything from scratch. However, rebranding means reshaping or repackaging your business in a way that looks attractive to potential clients.

When it comes to rebranding, you can do a variety of things. If you feel your business does not have a very attractive logo, you could opt for a new one. If you have got feedback from a lot of people about the brand name not being interesting enough, you could consider changing it. While rebranding your company, you have to make sure that every new element you are bringing in will add value to your business.


Having a website is a must for every business out there. Creating a website does not cost a lot of money. Even if you are a small travel agency that has just started taking its first steps, you should create and launch a website immediately. The longer you take to create a website, the longer will be the process of getting clients on board.

Just creating and launching a website is not enough. You have to do several things to keep it running. While updating the website with fresh content is necessary, you must also take steps to ensure the website ranks well on search engines and is easily discoverable. The website, apart from creating awareness around your business, should also implore potential clients to avail of its services.