Fish Shooting New88 – The Gate of Fish Shooting Game to change Prestige Rewards Today

Fish Shooting New88 brings a great entertainment space with extremely valuable rewards. The operation is extremely simple, so any player can experience it right at the bookie. Do not miss the following article to pocket a few more effective fishing experiences from masters.

1. Detailed evaluation of the prestigious New88 fishing hall

Reviews about Fish Shooting New88

Fish Shooting is an interesting entertainment game, so more and more bookies offer this game. However, New88 is still the most popular place to play Fish Shooting. Here are the reasons why you can’t miss the New88 fishing hall

1.1. New88 is a reputable bookie

The first reason to mention is the reputation of New88. Any player who participates in recreational betting always hopes to find a safe betting website. New88 is a online bookie with a strong position in the Vietnam market, ensuring transparency and credibility. Therefore, players always trust and choose the house for entertainment.

1.2. New88 provides many shooting game halls

New88 Bookie not only offers attractive fish shooting games but also has many betting halls for you to choose from. These game lobbies come from top reputable manufacturers from around the world. The most typical of the game halls that you cannot ignore include:

  • JDB
  • Jili
  • Youlian Gaming
  • FA Chai

1.3. Attractive promotion

The final reason why New88 becomes the address chosen by many players to play Fish Shooting is the attractive promotions. The bookie regularly organizes promotions to allow you to receive great bonuses and bet-free.

2. The rules of Fish shooting game at New88

Details of the rules of the Fish Shooting game at New88

Just like shooting traditional fish, you will use money converted into bullets to shoot the fish. The gameplay is familiar and simple, so players must aim, then choose a gun and open fire. Just kill the targets successfully, and you will receive the bonus immediately.

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The big fish will bring more coins, which can be converted into money with a value of up to tens of millions of dong. Choosing to shoot New88 fish to participate in the experience is an opportunity for players to get rich in a flash.

3. Top class New88 fish shooting game today

Summary of the hottest New88 shooting games

Fish shooting game possesses beautiful, eye-catching graphics and new and attractive game features. Especially with a high exchange rate, many code-giving events help players feel comfortable.

3.1 Tam Tien Shoots Fish

Participating in shooting three fairy fish, players will conquer the rich ocean with more than 500 different species of fish. Some terrible fish help players to collect many bonus coins such as Golden Dragon, Octopus, and Golden Toad,…

3.2 Shooting Five Dragon Fish

Since its launch, the game Fish Shooting five dragons quickly gained the love of the player community at the New88 bookie. Fish hunters will have the opportunity to show off their skills to defeat more than 30 different species of fish. In particular, when the giant boss Ngu Long appears, it is a great opportunity for fishermen to hunt for great rewards.

3.3 Shoot the Great Saint

Shooting great holy fish constantly updates events to give codes, and exchange extremely attractive scratch cards. Thanks to that, players can get many rewards with the highest value for themselves.

3.4 Shooting the God of Wealth

Shooting god fish supports on all platforms to help players experience more accessible than ever. When coming to the New88 fish shooting game, players will admire the vast ocean with many new shooting features. Players will be able to use more than 12 different guns to defeat the sea creatures that appear on the board.

4. Instructions for registering an account to participate in shooting New88

Register an account at New88 Fish Shooting

After learning about the fish shooting game, many players will want to explore this game at New88. So are the steps to participate in the New88 fish shooting game as difficult as players often think? To register to play at the house, players only need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Proceed to visit the official website of the New88 bookie with the link:

Then, find and click the REGISTER button to ask the bookie to grant an account to a new member.

Step 2: Fill in all the information on the required bookmaker form to continue with the account registration. Players need to correctly enter the following personal information for the registration process to go smoothly.

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Password
  • Verification code

Step 3: After filling in the information, please check again and select the registration button to complete. Finally, click on the “Submit” box at the bottom of the form and wait for the bookie to confirm. After being granted an account, you can start experiencing attractive Fish Shooting games at New88

5. Guide to depositing money into the account of New88 Fish Shooting game 

When participating, players need to deposit money to exchange coins to buy weapons to shoot fish. For the deposit process to take place successfully, players only need to follow the following instructions.

Step 1: First, players need to Log in to their player account at the New88 website. Once logged in, the player account chooses to recharge on the homepage interface.

Step 2: Choose one of the following transaction methods supported by the bookie: ATM, e-wallet, scratch card, counter top-up, bank transfer,…

Step 3: Fill in personal information in the deposit form that appears on the screen, including Full name, account number, deposit amount, password, and authentication code.

Note: When conducting any transaction here, the player needs to provide the name of the transferor match with the account name at New88.

Step 4: After entering the above information, the player remembers to check again for the last time to see if it is all correct. If there are no errors, click on the deposit box at the bottom of the form to send a request to the system.

Step 5: When the server receives the request, it will authenticate the above information. If the information is correct and approved, the coins in the player’s account will automatically increase. A transaction will be completed within 3-5 minutes from the time a player submits a deposit request to the system.

Above are the most detailed shares about the New88 fish shooting that players should not ignore. If you want to become a master when playing this game, you must learn a lot of experience. Hurry up to register an account to experience the best things here.