Preserving The Art of Kashmir’s Traditional Metalwork

Undoubtedly, Jammu And Kashmir Tour Packages offer you to experience “Paradise on Earth.” Whether we talk about its magnificent mountains, Amarnath Temple in Kashmir and its scenic beauty, or rich culture, Kashmir has always been a destination that is surely on everyone’s checklist.

Among many traditions and cultures of Kashmir, Kashmir’s Traditional Metalwork is something that stands out not only as an ancient tradition but also as a cultural symbol. Come along to learn more about Kashmiri traditional metalwork, and how tourists can experience these age-old traditions in Kashmir.

Historical Overview of Kahimir’s Traditional Work: History & Types –

From the ancient period, Kashmir has always been influenced by various cultures. Whether we talk about its Pashmina or Metalwork, both of them have their roots in the influences and invasion that Kashmir faced. 

Each dynasty that invaded and ruled over Kashmir, left their influences on the art, crafts, and architecture of Kashmir.

Kashmir’s Traditional Metalwork is a result of early encounters with Mughal and Persian traditions and cultures.

Eventually, it became popular and gained its royalty. It also became a major means of income for Kashmiris.

If we talk about the types of metalwork found in Kashmir, there are 3 major types, copper, silver, and Brass.

Copper is the most common metal used in Kashmiri Metalwork. While silver is often used for making decorative and luxurious items.

On the other hand, Brass which was used for making household items and utensils, is still a popular metal for making both decorative and household items because of its sheen golden colour.

Popular Metal Items in Kashmir – H2

1. Flower Vases –

Kashmiri flower vases are made from copper, silver, and brass. Its outer design often resembles Persian paisley design, and flowers, and is mostly inspired by nature.

For visitors, you can find these flower vases in almost every local market, however, we’ll discuss some popular ones further in this post.

2. Samovar –

Yes, it has a unique name which is nothing but a Traditional Kashmiri Kettle used for serving the traditional Kashmiri Kahwa or Tea.

These vessels are mostly made from copper and brass because of their ability to shine when polished. Each Kashmiri house has one of these Samovar maybe as a decorative piece or functional.

3. Silver Jewelry – 

From ancient times, silverware has always been a sign of royalty in Kashmir. Both ornaments and vessels or utensils are made from silver but are used only on occasion.

As a visitor, you buy things like silver bracelets, necklaces, and rings from handicraft markets in Kashmir.

4. Kashmiri Lamps & Lanterns – 

Here’s another popular metalwork found in Kashmir, made from copper or brass, these are popular both for their functionality and aesthetic appeal.

They are often infused with detailed cutwork that creates beautiful patterns when lighted.

5. Hookah Bases

Kashmiri hookah bases, known for their detailed designs and construction, are highly valued. 

Hookah is one of the oldest traditions in Kashmir, dating back to the royal era.

Made from a variety of metals, including brass and copper, these items reflect the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir.

Where to Buy Kashmir’s Traditional Metalwork –

1. Srinagar Central Market –

Widely popular as the name of Lal Chowk, the Srinagar market is the most popular market for traditional crafts.

Here, you will find almost every type of metalwork piece, from decorative items to functional ones.

2. Chrar-e-Sharief – 

Located in the Budgam district, Char-e-Sharief is another popular destination for exploring and buying traditional metalwork in Kashmir.

This is a historic town that has a rich heritage of arts and crafts. So, apart from purchasing beautiful items, you can also ask for a visit to their workplaces to learn more about Kashmir’s Traditional Metalwork.

3. Shalimar Market –

Shalimar Market is located near Shalimar Bagh in Srinagar. The market is one of the best places to buy traditional metalwork in Kashmir.

It is also close to various other tourist attractions which makes it a worth-visiting place.

4. Zainakadal Artisan Village –

Zainakadal in Kashmir is a famous and old village which is popular for its heritage of metalworks.

Here, you can not only purchase some amazing pieces directly from the source but also observe and experience the making process.

Tips for Exploring Kashmiri Traditional Metalworks –

First of all, whether you want to purchase or are just willing to have some knowledge, look for genuine places like the above-mentioned.

Purchase from popular shops to ensure authenticity and quality. And bargaining is common, so do bargain to get the best deals.

Lastly, as a sustainable tourist, buy authentic items, show respect, and support locals to maintain their traditions.


As a tourist, if you also love Kashmiri arts and crafts, then you must visit Kashmiri’s traditional metalwork markets to explore some of the finest metalwork. Whether purchasing or witnessing the making process, these places are must-visits for anyone interested in this Kashmiri crafts