Predisposing Factors for Buying Steel Doors in Kenya

Doors play a crucial role in security in homes to protect property. Installing steel doors ensures the lasting security of the property. Since steel door prices in Kenya vary depending on the needs of the people, it’s essential to know the factors to consider before buying them.

A steel door comprises a polystyrene or polyurethane core with steel skin. The steel doors are manufactured by use of steel but not entirely solid steel. These doors are primarily used for industrial purposes and sometimes for commercial purposes.

When purchasing steel doors, the following factors should be considered for acquiring a better and lasting door;


The quality of the steel door’s components is a significant factor to consider. Some manufacturers use sub-standard quality materials which do not produce a steel door that will provide safety for your property.


For every product you buy, the price is always the determining factor. Steel doors prices in Kenya vary with region and the nature and the design of the doors as the consumers prefer. Before purchasing a door, research the costs of doors of such caliber in a particular region. Some manufacturers may sell the doors at high prices, yet the quality of the door needs to be better for the price.


According to Steel doors Kenya, the durability of the doors is a very crucial element to consider. Choose a steel door that will last for a long time. This is determined by checking the quality of assembly of the doors and the paint used for finishing. Some manufacturers have poor assembly of the components and use paint that fades after the warranty period is done.

Material used

The primary material used to make the steel door determines the kind of door you require. Some people prefer stainless steel, while others use galvanized steel in making doors. Stainless steel is quite expensive but galvanized is economical for everyone. When buying the door, choose the material that best suits your purpose.

Frames and Lock system

Most steel doors come with lock systems embedded in them. Some people prefer multiple locks on the doors some do not. When purchasing, consider choosing one with various locks if the purpose of the door is for more secure places. Steel doors have decorated frames; if one does not prefer decorated frames, you choose the doors with non-decorated frames. Many prefer a model like the one in the picture below for domestic purposes.

Weight and purpose of the door

Some places do not require high door security, while others do. Before purchasing a door, consider the purpose of the door and where it is going to be installed.

On the other hand, the door’s weight tells so much about where to install it. High-security places, especially public ones, use doors with high weight. Although heavy doors may be noisy, choose them according to the purpose of the door.


In a nutshell, this article enumerates factors to consider before purchasing steel doors in Kenya. Steel door prices in Kenya vary depending on the customers’ needs. These predisposing factors are essential to know before buying a steel door.