Know Its Features & Which Prada Sunglasses You Should Buy

In 1913, brothers Martino and Mario Prada started importing steamer trunks and purses to England. Passing on as a family business, ‘The House of Prada’ continued with extravagant global launches. 1989 marks the debut of Prada sunglasses as ready-to-wear women’s eyewear in colours dominantly black, greys, browns and creams.

Today, Prada is a must-have luxury brand for all the brand-conscious shopaholics out there. And as per generated reports on global sales, Prada managed to make a business of 3.74 billion euros in 2022. Coming to Prada sunglasses, they are just magnificent. A skillful combination of modern progressive technology, the signature whereabouts of Prada and sleek designs. If you are searching for the best sunglasses from the House of Prada, continue with the rest of the article and end up with a good buy.

Prada Sunglasses Features

To be precise, sunglasses from Prada are an absolute luxury. The sunglasses will be a powerful tool emitting mystical glamour whenever you wear one. In short, they make for a statement piece, causing heads to turn towards you when part of a considerable crowd. That is all for the following reasons:

Ergonomic Designs

Prada sunglasses stand for a quality offering, different from the ordinary. It is a final match if you have a unique taste in accessory design. The sunglasses come in high-quality plate frames and an integrated nose bridge, helping you with seamless wear. Also, there is a transparent nose pad design.

Moving on, with the Prada sunglasses design, each eyewear has exclusive inspiration backing it up. Also, The House of Prada has some extravagant designer professionals handling ergonomic designs. Every piece crafted is unique, paving for a trendy look and elevating your style.

Highly Skilful Manufactured Output

Prada sunglasses are made of Polyamide, Acetate and Stainless Steel, all long-lasting materials. The use of polycarbonate in the glasses makes them quite durable, offering excellent protection from resistance. Also, the sunglasses are lightweight, making them easy to wear.

There are two collections available when looking at sunglasses from Prada. The first comes with a classic Prada label in silver lettering, and the second one is known as Prada Sport, with white lettering on a red background. You can select from plastic lenses with standard filters and tints.

100% UV Protection

Prada sunglasses give you 100% protection from the UV rays of the Sun. But select one that perfectly covers a lot of surface area around your eyes, from the front to the sides. Also, people refer to Prada’s tinted glasses as having a more natural tone with a subtle outlook.

Coming features like anti-reflective coating and polarisation, it is available across a diverse model range. You can choose among specific models and amp up your style game with Prada sunglasses in no time.

Which Prada Sunglasses Should You Buy?

Today sunglasses from Prada are the most desired by fashion-conscious men and women. For each season, there is a new line to eye on. However, the brand continues to retain some eyeconic styles as loyal patrons love them. Moving on, you can select from the following Prada eyewear designs for both men and women.


This Prada sunglass for men offers a chic outlook. Available in Tortoiseshell colour, it will best suit you with a narrow face shape. The colour of the lenses stands brown, built of acetate material. Moreover, the frame is fully rimmed by nature, and you get a temple length of 145.


You can avail the one in aviator shape in grey and black colour combination. It is built of metal material and besides offering you a fully rimmed structure. If you have an oval and round face shape type, go for this frame.


When searching for Prada sunglasses with an excellent fit for women, you can opt for this one. The top-notch quality frame will offer you the right type of protection from the UV rays of the Sun. Suitable for various face shapes, this eyeconic style will make one look their best.


The classic PRADA PR 01OS CONCEPTUAL POLARIZED 1AB5W1 is fully polarised and comprises a composite lens type. On the frame structure, you get a cat-eye finish. With the actual launch date in 1970, this frame type is a classic design to vouch for.


You can opt for this frame in black, with a built material of Acetate. Coming to the shape and rim type, PRADA PR 27NS MINIMAL BAROQUE 1AB3M1 is fully rimmed and round. Coming to the case colour available, you can select between black and white options.

How To Authenticate Your Sunglasses From Prada

When investing in a luxury product like Prada sunglasses, you must ensure its authenticity. But how? Here is a step-by-step approach.

Firstly, inside the right arm of your sunglasses, look for the Prada logo, a ‘CE’ icon and a ‘Made in Italy’ sign. If the ‘CE’ sign is missing, the product has not been manufactured in a Prada-owned factory.

Second, inside the left arm, look for a Prada model number starting with ‘V’ or ‘S.’ This indicates whether the product is a sunglass or a part of the brand’s vision eyewear collection. The entire model number will be written at a clear pace.

Thirdly, you must look for a small inscription at the top portion of the inner corner of your right lens. This is the serial number of the product.

Also, the company adds new authentication measures to save the sunglasses from counterfeits, helping with smooth buys. You can even look for the brand logo on the inner nose pad.


Owing to the brand legacy, comfortable outputs, stylish fits and a Hollywood favourite, Prada sunglasses are the most sought after luxury accessories of all time. There is no way someone with a knack for fashion and style will not try their hands on products from this range. If you have a similar motive, authenticate your buy and opt for the right product.