Power float machine

A power float (also known as a power trowel) is a machine used for construction especially finishing concrete surfaces. They are typically used on large, flat areas such as driveways, sidewalks, and floors. We will discuss factors to consider when purchasing a power float machine.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Power Float Machine

Picking a suitable power trowel for a job is essential for a decorative contractor. A power float machine can save time and reduce labor, but machine delicacy is unknown. The right decision can ensure the decorative concrete floor. Therefore, you must consider the following factors when purchasing a power trowel.

Type of Blade

Regarding blade configuration, there are types: Finish and Float blades. The float blades level the concrete surface and remove imperfections or high spots, while the finish blades create a smooth and shiny surface.

Some power trowels have two blade types, while others have only one. Power trowel blades can be made from steel or plastic. Plastic ones can last long as steel variety and don’t leave burnish marks. Therefore, choose the best blade to achieve the desired result.

Size of Power Trowel

Power float machines come in different sizes ranging from small walk-behind models to larger ride-on machines. The larger ride-on machines are expensive compared to walk-behind. Therefore, they are primarily used in commercial applications. A decorative contractor can use a walk-behind trowel in a small resident job.

However, walk-behind may be heavy enough to sink into greener concrete in some climates. Some specialized power trowels can be designed to be used on polymer-modified systems.

Fuel Type

Fuel type is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a power trowel. There are two types of fuel: propane and gasoline. Gasoline engines are the most powerful, and they can handle denser concrete but produce more emissions and are louder.

Propane engines produce few emissions and are quitter, although they are less potent than gasoline. Choosing the right fuel type trowel is essential for efficiency and the best performance.

There are two types of control systems: hydraulic and manual. A manual control system requires the operator to adjust the speed and blade pitch manually, while a hydraulic pump control system is used to adjust blade speed and pitch, making work more accessible. Hydraulic control systems are more expensive but suitable for large or complex projects.


This is the most important thing to consider when deciding the power trowel to purchase. It is essential to set our budget first before deciding to buy one. The price of a power trowel varies on the quality, efficiency, and material made from. A high-quality trowel is expensive but more durable and reliable than cheaper ones.

Maintenance Requirements

Power trowels require regular maintenance to operate efficiently and smoothly like any other machine. Some models of power trowels will require more maintenance than others. Hence it is advisable to choose the models which require less maintenance as it will save the cost of regular maintenance.


Purchasing a power float machine is a significant investment, and it is essential to consider the factors discussed in the above article to ensure you get the suitable machine. Also, evaluate your needs and compare different models to find a power trowel that will suit your needs.