Play online game with a minimum deposit in rupees in India

Players from India are not always willing to spend a lot of money on gambling. New casino operators take this into account and suggest betting from a minimum value.

Why do gamblers advise not to spend too much on slots

Gamblers play online casino with minimum deposit in rupees with great advantage. Every other gambling club in India is ready to give a super bonus on the first deposit.

For example, a player deposits 100 rupees into his account balance. The administration will give a bonus in a second, which will help the user to get 1000 INR into the account wallet. In addition, casino visitors can get some of their finances back.

How to get some of your lost money back from the casino

Casinos build a multi-level marketing policy that aims to attract money from users. In the opposite direction, funds are usually reluctant to be transferred, and the procedure involves additional checks on documents and the integrity of the game.

There are ways in which some or all of the lost funds can be refunded. In some cases, the gambling operators themselves offer refunds, while in others, users make a claim and resolve the issue with other authorities.

Cashback and features of this bonus 

Cashback is a term that means a refund of a certain percentage of funds lost. It is traditionally part of online casino bonus programs.

The principles are as follows:

  • the amount of money lost in a given period is higher than the percentage defined in the rules;
  • the casino returns to the user a small percentage of the loss;
  • accrual is made by bonus points, which must be wagered.

The casino uses cashback to maintain loyalty from loyal customers. The percentage of rebates depends on the time since the user has registered and his activity. If cashback for newcomers can be a paltry 0.3-1%, the VIP clients with a large turnover of funds can count on 15-20%. The rebate is usually given on Monday morning based on the results of the previous week. The calculation is done based only on the amount of money lost and not on the total amount of bets placed.

Chargeback: What is it

Chargeback, as opposed to cashback, is a notion that online casinos do not like. According to the rules of gambling operators, lost money cannot be returned to the client, but there are exceptions.

The first situation is when a third party has used the account and made transactions without the account holder’s knowledge. If the player manages to prove that another person has interfered, the money will be returned to the account within 30 days.

Another case is claiming the casino. Some gambling sites threaten customers with criminal liability for chargeback, but this is false. The user has the right to contact the bank that issued the card from which the transfer was made and to demand a refund.

To act as follows:

  • write a letter to the casino and wait for a response;
  • provide the bank with an account statement, confirmation of the transaction, and correspondence with the gambling platform;
  • the bank initiates proceedings and the player waits for a decision.

Theoretically, it is possible to recover the funds within 1.5 years. Chances of a positive decision increase if the casino blocks the account for no reason and rejects payment requests.