PGSoft Bonuszila Promo at Vio88 Provides a Total Prize of IDR 5.4 Billion, Only Until February!

Another interesting promo from the IDN Slot market, namely PGSoft Bonuszila at Vio88 offers a total prize of IDR 5.4 billion for 22,500 players with the highest rating. This event or promotion is of the type like a tournament, so to get it you only need to increase the amount of turnover you have. The unique thing is that there will always be daily winners who can get millions of Rupiah in prizes.

The period itself starts from 16 November 2022 to 13 February 2023 later. So there is still about 1 month left to get the prizes offered by the promo. This promo itself is provided by PGSoft and can be obtained when you are already a member at Vio88 and playing on the provider’s slot machine.

You will get more details below, with detailed information about all terms and conditions. Then the total prizes that can be obtained as well as recommendations for the best slot machines from PGSoft. So don’t hesitate to get attractive prizes from this ongoing PGSoft Bonuszila promo.

Requirements to be able to participate in the PGSoft Bonuszila Promo on the Vio88 Website

You can use the prizes from the PGSoft Bonuszila promo to bet again, or you can use them to withdraw. But what is clear, before you can participate and get the prize. You need to follow all the terms and conditions that apply first. Especially because the concept of this promo itself is a tournament.

So later every day, as long as the promo period is still there. There will always be a winner who is entitled to a certain amount of money, based on his TO score and ranking. The following are requirements that need to be considered when you want to participate in the promo.

  1. Have registered or have a member account at Vio88 first. Because the Bonuszila promo is available on the Vio88 website, the first thing you need to do is register yourself or have an account on this site first.
  2. Every day there will be a winner drawn based on the accumulated TO gains they have. Of course the winner is the person who has the highest Turn Over nominal.
  3. All slot machines on PGSoft are qualified to get promos. Except for table games or tables and poker.
  4. Winner decision if there are two players who have the same score, then the player who scored the first score will be the real winner later.
  5. You can check the scoreboard directly in games that are already qualified. The score update will be done in real time.
  6. The prize winners will immediately enter the balance within approximately 2 days from the end of the tournament period.
  7. The final decision regarding the promo remains with PGSoft.

The main requirement is that you already have an account at Vio88 to take part in this PGSoft Bonuszila promo, then you also need to play slot machines from the PGSoft provider. Because this promo is a bonus provided by PGSoft for all loyal players at Vio88. Then also the distribution of prizes based on the total Turnover.

Where TO itself can be obtained based on the total value of the bet you made. Not fixated on bets from the balance, but also from the winning value which is then returned to stake. So to follow other players you have a very big chance, as long as you can consistently bet on the slot machines that have been provided by the PGSoft provider.

Prizes for Winners and Tournament Schedule

There are a total of 10 prizes that can be obtained during the Bonuszila promotional period which is still ongoing. The following is the prize distribution schedule along with the quota of lucky players every day.

The main winner every day has the opportunity to get Rp. 3 million, followed by the second place winner who will get a prize of Rp. 1.5 million and the third place has the opportunity to bring home Rp. 1 million. The rest are players ranked 6th to 250th who also still have the chance to win hundreds of thousands in prizes.

Tournaments start every day from 00:00 to 23:59, so in one day there will always be players who are lucky to get these prizes. If you want to be one of these lucky players, all you have to do is increase the total turnover you have.

The most important thing is to make sure the slot machine you are playing is from the PGSoft provider. So that the maximum profit that can be obtained is also more. Actually, if you already have a target, it will be easier to benefit from promo prizes.

Therefore, make a target in advance what prizes you want to get. Then choose what kind of slot machine to play on the PGSoft provider later.

PGSoft 20 Slot Machine Recommendations

To get a high TO nominal, you need to know recommendations for suitable slot machines. Especially in terms of the RTP Slot on the slot machine, so that the nominal TO can also increase from the win. And not just from your deposit balance, here are the 20 most recommended slot machines from PGSoft.

Slots Machines RTP Slots Machines RTP
Sun and Moon 85% Wild Fireworks 90%
Garuda Gems 81% Fortune Mouse 91%
Wild Bandito 83% Candy Burst 81%
Caishen Wins 87% Bikini Paradise 91%
Ways of The Qilin 88% Phoenix Rises 81%
Leprechaun Riches 80% Ninjas vs Samurais 95%
Ganesha Fortune 90% Legend of Houyi 79%
DragonHatch 85% Dragon Legend 85%
Egyptian Book of Mysteries 79% Medusa The Curse of Athena 85%
Crypto Gold 88% Symbols of Egypt 79%

Like the best providers, PGSoft offers a number of slot machines that do have large RTP. Among them are the 20 slot machine choices above, each of these slot machines has a high nominal RTP.

Normally the RTP just touches 70%, you could say it’s a Slot Gacor. So if there is a slot machine that has an RTP above 70%, it is certain that the win rate is high. And you can rely on these slot machines to make even more profits.

Especially if you are aiming for a large total Turnover. With a capital of 100k maybe you have the opportunity to get at least 5 times that capital. If you already understand in depth about the winning pattern and the features offered.

Obviously the advantages that can be obtained while betting on slot machines are entirely due to your ability to choose a machine with a high RTP. As well as management of budgeting or owned capital.

Easy Tips to Win Abundantly in Slots

Of course, to get the PGSoft Bonuszila promo, you also need to know powerful tricks to be able to consistently win while betting. There are several things you can do when you want to win while betting on slot machines.

  1. Play slot machines provided by the best providers and on the right sites. We will provide recommendations for the best and most trusted sites at the end of the article.
  2. Use the balance well, take into account when to bet with high bets. Then when to bet with low bets.
  3. Make the best use of the features, you can buy the features first. Or with the bet chosen when targeting the features of the slot machine.
  4. Choose a slot machine with a high RTP rate.

Those are some steps that can increase your chances of making a profit while betting. In this case it is a win as well as a faster TO increase.

Play PGSoft Slots on Vio88 and Nirwanapoker Only

The PGSoft Bonuszila promo in its entirety can be enjoyed by players or loyal members on the Vio88 and Nirwanapoker sites. For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to become a member here, visit the main site first. Then register, so you can participate in an attractive promo with a total prize of IDR 5.4 billion.

Then you can actually participate in other attractive offers or promos as long as you are a member of these two trusted sites. If you don’t believe it, you can try it right away by visiting the main site and checking the promotions section. Then you will find many other interesting offers here. So come on, get a million Rupiah bonus right now on this trusted and best site.