PayDo Review – One of The Best Online Banking in 2022

To start using the  best payment service in 2022 with PayDo you just need to fill out a form on the website. In this way, you will send a request for your personal IBAN number, which you can manage from anywhere in the EU or other countries.

All legal entities and individuals can use PayDo benefits for their own purposes with a European bank account. There is no need to create a separate legal entity for this. If you have a business, you can use this account to send money to customers or receive payments from them, while simultaneously exchanging money and storing them. Your partners or other businesses can send you money to your PayDo account in multiple currencies.

PayDo is the best online banking for business because it is  one step ahead in the development of online banking. Offers from the service are constantly being improved, and services are becoming more and more individual.

How Does PayDo Work?

By opening an account, you provide yourself with the comfort of remotely opening and managing it. You don’t have to go to a branch or call during business hours to get help from a consultant. By opening a virtual account, you avoid numerous bureaucratic procedures that usually accompany a standard banking procedure. This is often a long and confusing process. You do not need to be in the country where you want to open an account and this already greatly simplifies the process of obtaining a European IBAN.

Is PayDo Legit?

When you decide to choose PayDo to open a European bank account online, you will be connected to the legal world standard known as IBAN. This code is accepted in many countries and may differ depending on them. The usual format for such a code consists of a combination of numbers and letters.

To make your payment go smoothly, always check this code before sending and the rest of the recipient’s data. Only in this way will you make a secure PayDo payment . But despite the effectiveness of such identification of the recipient, it is not accepted in all countries. For example, other legal means of transferring funds will be used in the US, Canada, or Australia. In the United States, these are internal codes, and in Australia, BSB.

PayDo Review

If you have used online banking before, then you will have no problems answering the question “what is PayDo”, because its principle of operation is based on the effective management of your funds in your account at any time of the day with constant support. In addition, there are other benefits of opening an account for your personal purposes or your business.


This abbreviation stands for a licensed electronic money institution that the UK FCA regulates. This is a direct indicator if PayDo is  safe because all your funds and other clients’ funds are kept in bank accounts in the European Union.


PayDo has partnered with official payment providers such as Mastercard and Visa, which provides stability and security for using services and conducting any money transactions.


Rates will vary depending on your business. European Union legal or private clients can expect to receive flexible solutions and affordable commissions individually to their employment. First, attention is paid to the company’s risk level and its type. PayDo  considers each case individually and offers  the most optimal solution.


Using your PayDo account, you can make payments in 4 currencies: Pounds Sterling , Euros, Australian Dollars, and US Dollars for outgoing payments. For processing payments, the service supports more than 200 different currencies. At the rate of the issuing bank, you can make a real-time currency exchange at any time of the day.

Secure payments

All data  provided to the network or the customer data is encrypted according to the existing security standard known as PCI DSS Level 1. Also, using the anti-fraud system, all acquiring transactions or deposits are protected.

If you want to send or receive payments in more than 170 countries worldwide and pay for services at any time of the day, open a PayDo account and instantly start enjoying all the benefits of a digital wallet. You will get access to over 2500 online merchants that accept this wallet.